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Get salon-worthy hair with these leave-in treatments — best hair styles guaranteed!

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Your hair looks great at the salon, but you struggle to recreate the look at home. Sadly, even the best hair styles can look flat (or frizzy) because… well, real life. We don’t have the time or skills to style it like the pros. But there’s hope: we found the best hair products for every hair style to instantly add volume and shine.


L’Oreal Keratin Smooth Perfecting Shampoo

Singapore humidity can turn even the best hair styles into a frizzy and uncontrollable mrss. L’Oreal Keratin Smooth Perfecting line promises to control frizz for as three days after you use it. It polishes your hair and fills it in so your hair stays smooth and manageable even in crazy humid weather. If you’re having a really bad hair day (or bad hair week!) use the Kerastase Paris Discipline Maskeratine Smooth-In-Motion Masque once a week. Your hair has never looked so smooth and shiny!

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Botanist Botanical Hair Water

Just spritz this leave in treatment into your hair before blowdrying or whenever you need a little extra moisture! We love the refreshing scent of apples and peaches – it’s subtle, but lingers in your hair the whole day. And unlike hair oils, this doesn’t feel or look greasy at all. You can apply liberally to keep hair in place in a sleek ponytail without feeling that you dunked your head in a tub of oil.

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Christophe Robin Instant Volumising Mist With Rose Water

Give your hair an extra boost! It gives extra hold so your hair stays bouncy and voluminous all throughout the day. It’s perfect for fine hair and for greasy hair that goes limp in the middle of the day. It also nourishes and repairs your hair – after all that styling and blowdrying, your locks could use the extra love.

We also like reapplying this when we need to go out after work, but don’t have time to wash and restyle our hair. Even the best hairstyles need a little revitalizing at the end of the day.

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Morrocanoil Hair Defense

This product does everything: it helps protect your haircolor from fading, protects it from damage when you blowdry and style it, holds your style in place the whole day, and leaves a shiny finish. Your hair looks amazing and stays healthy, too!

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