Forlle’d AC Clear

This is what happened after only 1 week of using this product!


For many people, acne isn’t just a skin concern: it’s a curse.  The breakouts and scars plague them for their whole lives. They try everything – creams, masks, DIY treatments – but the pimples keep coming back.

But we’ve discovered a Holy Grail of acne treatments: an acne regimen so effective that it clears even the worst acne cases. We know, because we road tested it among Beauty Insider readers who have struggled with acne for most of their lives.  The results are SHOCKING.

No filter no editing – just pure results!

This is a picture of our reader as she used  Forlle’d AC Clear. Do you see how the skin on her cheeks has cleared? And how the redness and inflammation have subsided? Her forehead is practically blemish-free – and that’s just after 1 week of use!

What’s amazing is that Forlle’d AC clear treated her breakouts without drying out or irritating the skin. Lots of harsh products end up destroying the skin texture (a common home remedy, lemon juice, is so acidic that it can even cause the skin to get flakes and rough spots).

Instead, Forlle’d AC clear smoothened and plumped up the skin. Her pores look smaller. There are still some acne scars but the rest of our skin looks healthy and luminous. Imagine what she’d look like after a few more weeks of using the product!

There’s such a clear, obvious difference in the quality of her skin. And she achieved it without injections or expensive clinical treatments. You know why? Because Forlle’d is just as effective as an injection.

Skincare based on Nobel Prize winning technology

Is it magic? No. It’s a scientifically based skin technology – clinically proven and tested because it’s actually based on Nobel-prize winning research.

Yes, people: the NOBEL PRIZE.

And it’s found in every jar of Forlle’d skincare products. This is an expert, award-winning Japanese skincare brand that’s made tremendous breakthroughs in anti-aging and acne.

The power lies in very low molecular hyaluronic acid and organic platinum that stimulate and strengthen the skin.  Unlike other creams that just sit on your face (because the molecules are too large to penetrate the skin barrier), Forlle’D ingredients are broken into nano-particles that can get into the deepest skin layers. These were areas that previously could only be treated with injections.

Award-winning scientists agree that Forlle’d works. “Molecules of low-molecular Hyaluronic Acid in combination with ionized essential minerals give Forlle’d products inimitable ability to deliver vital ingredients non-invasively into deep skin layers,” says Makoto Hatto, a scientist who has won the USA Presidential Champion Gold Award and a UN Certificate of Recognition.

 Forlle’d Treatment for Acne

Want to try the Forlle’d acne treatment for yourself? Here’s a list of the products that our Beauty Insiders readers used and loved.

  • SOOTHE AND PREPARE THE SKIN with Hyalogy AC Clear Lotion. Get ready to be refreshed! This very soothing lotion balances the skin PH, neutralises the skin flora, controls oil and gently exfoliates to prepare the skin so your other products can penetrate the skin better.
  • BALANCE THE SKIN with Hyalogy AC Clear Essence. This serum helps control oil and reduce redness and irritation. Its anti-bacterial ingredients help prevent breakouts. It moisturises and regenerates the skin to help treat scars and improve skin texture.
  • STRENGTHEN THE SKIN with Hyalogy AC Clear Cream. This makes the skin firm and supple, and restores the hydro-lipid balance. Your skin immediately looks better and feels smoother, and it’s also healthier – so you’re less prone to environmental damage and early wrinkles. The light texture is perfect for people with oily skin. It doesn’t feel greasy at all!





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