Skin care tips from KPop Superstars

10 KPop Superstars Share their Skin Care Tips to SG Fans

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KPop artists—they are the reasons why most people, especially the ladies, are gaga about having a poreless beauty. Seriously, who doesn’t want to look fresh with light makeup on? Some people even copy their idol’s skin care tips no matter how expensive or time-consuming it is.

So we scoured the jungle called internet to bring you a summary of your KPop idol’s beauty secrets. We included the hot Korean guys too, just in case you need to know the skin care regimen of your crushes.

Let’s begin:

Seohyun from Girls’ Generation

Seohyun uses face oil to moisturise her skin. She applies a thin layer of the oil after washing her face. Don’t apply too much of it because the excess oil might clog pores.  

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All members of Girls’ Generation

The girl group confirmed that everyone in Girls’ Generation exfoliates their skin using a solid exfoliant. Sugar, salt, coffee scrubs are great but they prefer the ones in soap form. Using a hard, solid exfoliant lets the skin breathe immediately after removing the dead skin cells. The added pressure from the soap massages your skin as well.

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Tzuyu from TWICE

She says layering multiple masks on your face helps her nourish her skin at the end of the day. It is an everyday commitment too.

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Enough with the girls. Let’s see what your crushes do to maintain their baby faces:

Baro from B1A4

He avoids consuming something oily. Fried food gives him acne breakouts.

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Well, he’s not alone. Remember Lure Hsu, the 40s woman who looks like a teenager? She follows this kind of diet too.

Jonghyun from SHINee

The guy is a brand ambassador of a skin care line, therefore, it is important for him to retain his glowing skin. He uses facial masks and eye creams, every day to maintain his youthful look.

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Girl, if this guy can do it, so can you. #fight

Sungyeol from INFINITE

Eat and juice lettuce. It works for him. As you can see, this guy’s skin is smooth and silky.

Song Joong Ki

He avoids using heaters to avoid dryness. This guy also washes his skin with milk before he goes to bed. (No wonder he looks as cute as a baby!) Anyway, we think he got that from the famous queen of Egypt, Cleopatra.

Eunwoo from ASTRO

Eunwoo has a several step process for skin care that includes a water-based hydration mist, a cleanser, toner, and an overnight face care cream that keep his skin healthy and glowing!

V of BTS

He removes the excess oil and unwanted dirt from his skin using a toner. V also wears lotion that is twice as much as he did before he was famous. Now that the group is hopping on planes, his skin care routines are mostly done up in the air.

J-Hope of BTS

Here’s the guy who practices the popular 10-step Korean skin care routine. In the morning, he applies toner and face cream. At night, he wears the toner, essence, acne care, lotion, cream consecutively.

King Namjoon, Rap Monster of BTS

As a Korean pop star, he had to fight acne. All his skincare products have anti-acne formulas. He recommended the face masks from MediHeal. You can purchase this skin care brand’s products on Lazada.

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