Skincare devices are gaining popularity once again and GLOWGEAR has arrived to show you why. Founded by the sibling duo Mia and Ajit, GLOWGEAR products were created to help you achieve the best version of yourself and feel amazing. The brand’s journey actually began with Mia, who suffered from adult-onset acne after making the move from UK to Hong Kong. Determined to find a solution, she embarked on a journey of research and not long after, her brother Ajit joined.

With the knowledge and determination of the duo, GLOWGEAR has grown to become the brand that it is today. We had the delight of speaking to Mia and Ajit to find out more behind the minds that created GLOWGEAR. Keep scrolling to read our interview with them!

Mia and Ajit, Founders of GLOWGEAR Interview

The Beginning

How did your journey to create GLOWGEAR begin?
Mia: When I moved from London to Hong Kong, the pollution and lifestyle took a toll on my skin and I developed adult-onset acne – or a beautiful curveball as I now like to call it. Coming from a medical background, I started reading dermatological journals, speaking to dermatologists and self-experimenting to find what works for my skin & what would work for others. Skincare became a passion that I was delving into everyday. I realised how enjoyable & crucial these self-care timeouts were to my daily life and that’s where it all began!
Ajit: While she was experimenting on herself with products & devices, I used to borrow them too without her realising! I have always had a strong interest in bio-hacking & anti-ageing and that’s what motivated me to work with Mia on GLOWGEAR. There is a stigma around men using beauty products and I wanted to break that stereotype. Both of us see skincare from a skin health perspective – something which is for everyone – so we knew GLOWGEAR had to be a gender-neutral brand that created products for everyone to enjoy.

What made you decide to work together and create these phenomenal devices, do you have interests in tech and beauty?
Mia: My interest started with beauty & the science behind it. It’s now grown to that intersection where beauty and tech come together – because that’s where you can create these incredible at-home experiences that give people more independence in their skincare routines. It puts the power of self-care directly into people’s hands while giving real results, which I love.
Ajit: I’ve always been interested in the utility aspect of technology and how it can improve our lives. I have a background in electronics, so when it came to the technical and the supply chain aspect that proved to be quite useful. We are siblings and the partnership came about quite naturally; she had the medical background, I had the technology background and we both shared the same outlook on skin health.

The Unique Side of GLOWGEAR

What do you believe sets GLOWGEAR apart from other brands in the beauty industry?
Our focus is to create multifunctional tools that add as much value as possible to our customers’ skincare routines and turn them into unique self-care experiences – for everyone. We strive to give them the best possible experience – in under 10 mins, so that it can be the perfect timeout to their day.

Their Favourite Child

What is your personal favourite device from your brand and why?
Mia: My ultimate favourite is the GLOWDROP because it slots into & enhances all the steps in my daily routine! Cleansing is more effective with the sonic brush & it has really helped me deal with pollution – the main cause of my breakouts. The Thermo-Glo warming plate infuses serums & masks more effectively into the skin and I mainly use these at night, so the warmth is super relaxing before bedtime. The LEDs keep breakouts at bay and there’s also the perk of giving yourself a massage at the end of the day with the sonic massage tip!
Ajit: The POWERGLOW is my favourite. The microcurrent tones my facial muscles giving a quick facelift and the LED’s rejuvenate my face at the skin level. I’m racing to work in under 6 minutes! It’s like an espresso for your face.

In creating the products, were there any elements added that allowed your personality to shine through them?
Mia & Ajit: The brand as a whole definitely speaks of our views, motivations and the things that inspire us! For example, while designing the POWERGLOW, we added the slogan ‘POWER YOUR GOALS’ onto the product, as a motivational daily reminder. We love that the brand speaks to aspirationalists and that’s one of the parts where the two of us come through. We actually even write all the copy & the slogans for product packaging ourselves, as a direct way of speaking to our customers about what we’ve created.

Looking Back

It is time you heard about GLOWGEAR!

What is one thing you both wish you knew before launching GLOWGEAR?
Ajit: It’s valuable to build a team that you can trust and work well with early on, instead of doing everything on your own. Each person comes with their own expertise and nurturing that within your company from the start helps tremendously.

As founders of an astoundingly accomplished brand, were there any hiccups along the way thatyou were glad to have gone through and grow from?
Mia: Our pre-launch was just before COVID-19, so we experienced major production and supply chain delays before we launched. We had also originally planned to start selling through various local pop-ups, but with social distancing we were unable to do so. We quickly adapted to a more digitised approach in business and in our marketing efforts. It taught us the need to be flexible and adaptable to our environment and I’m appreciative that we were able to learn that early on because it is something we’ve constantly needed since!

The Future of GLOWGEAR

Where do you see GLOWGEAR in the next 5 years?
We’re just getting started with the GLOWDROP, POWERGLOW & GLOWQUARTZ. We’re working on expanding into other categories within skin health as well, all with the aim of making skincare routines simple, effective & enjoyable for everyone. We see ourselves (and hopefully other brands as well), having broken through barriers in beauty for specific genders, ethnicities, ages and having brought beauty to a level where it’s about self-care. As the company grows, we will be championing inclusivity, equality and celebrating everyone’s beauty further through various channels, such as establishing meaningful partnerships, giving our time as a team & financing these causes.

Their Recommendation

What product from GLOWGEAR would you recommend us trying first?
Ajit: I love all of them! It is like asking which child is your favourite. It depends on what you are looking to get out of it. If you want a depuffing and kneading face workout – go for the GLOWQUARTZ. A daily self-care companion that gives a deep cleanse & makes each step of your routine more efficient – that’s a job for the GLOWDROP! If you want to tone facial muscles & rejuvenate skin, grab the POWERGLOW!