These 7 Nail Polish Removers Will Clean Your Nails Without Damaging Them

By: Nina Shahriman / October 16, 2020
Categories : Nails

There’s something pleasing about having painted nails. Maybe it’s the act of giving yourself time for a little self-love session by either doing them yourself or getting your nails professionally done. However, there’s always one thing we dread doing- using nail polish remover once your nails either grow out or the polish starts chipping.

Nail polish remover is a solvent that helps break down the acrylic substance of nail polish. Most nail polish removers are made with acetone and although it isn’t toxic, exposure to it causes our nails to be dehydrated. This is the case for many nail polish removers that after use can cause the nail and surrounding skin to be irritated and brittle.

However, many brands have created nail polish removers that are less harmful and less damaging. Beauty Insider wants you to rock pretty nails without the worry of damaging your nails so here are 7 nail polish removers in Singapore for you to try!

1. Sephora Collection Express Nail Polish Remover

Let’s start this list of great nail polish removers and introduce this one by Sephora

Collection. This effective nail polish remover is loved by many for its instantaneous effect. Many nail polish removers need a good scrubbing but with just one swipe of this product, it will remove even the most stubborn chips of polish with zero residues.

With that, the express in its name is completely understandable. You can use a cotton pad or soak it with a sponge and have quick clean nails.

Price: $15.00

Where to buy: Sephora Singapore

2. Guardian Nail Polish Remover Strengthening

Nail polish remover isn’t hard nor is it complexed to find. Next time you’re out and about, just drop to your local Guardian and grab this quick fix for your nails. Formulated with vitamin B3, this will help condition and promote strength for your nails and cuticles.

This is especially great if you have thin and weak nails. Dampen a cotton pad with this remover and cleanse all traces of your old nail polish all while strengthening your nails.

Price: $4.95

Where to buy:  Guardian Singapore

3. Cutex Swipe & Go Remover Pads

If bottled liquid nail polish remover isn’t your cup of tea then have a go at these remover pads from Cutex. This alternative remover is great if you travel around a lot and is constantly paranoid about the bottle of nail polish remover in your bag and worrying for spills.

Additionally, they are basically pads that are soaked in formula and individually packed. It is formulated with essential oils great to have at hand while you’re buzzing around your busy day.

Price: $20.90

Where to buy: Lazada Singapore

4. Silkygirl Quickclean Nail Polish Remover Extra Strength

When searching for good nail polish remover, it is essential to find one that will benefit your nails. So that’s why next on our list is this nail polish remover by Silkygirl. It is formulated with Vitamin E which will condition your nails and cuticles while gently removing every bit of nail polish even through the toughest crevice.

Moisten a cotton pad and hold it in place on your nail for a few seconds before wiping it clean to get the best result.

Price: $3.90

Where to buy: Watsons Singapore

5. OPI Acetone-Free Remover

Earlier of this list we had explained that one main ingredient in most nail polish removers is Acetone and although is great at breaking down acrylic, can be damaging too. However, the brand OPI has developed an Acetone-free formula by replacing it with Aloe Vera that will moisturise your nails while it cleans it.

To use it, twist the pump-cap to unlock it before dampening a cotton pad. Hold the pad against your nails for a few seconds before wiping it clean.

Price: $26.00

Where to buy: Shopee Singapore

6. Sally Hansen Extra Strength Nail Polish Remover

If you want an affordable yet super-effective remover- then the Sally Hansen Extra Strength Nail Polish Remover is the one for you! It is enriched with multi-vitamins and proteins to improve overall nail health and promote strength for weak and brittle nails.

Furthermore, even if this remover is made with Acetone, the smell is very mild and unnoticeable.

Price: $6.00

Where to buy: Watsons Singapore

7. Nails Inc. Express Nail Polish Remover

To end our list, this nail polish remover from Nails Inc is slowly becoming a favourite amongst many. This coconut-scented nail polish is highly effective and efficient while also reasonably priced. The thing with using cotton pads is that we subconsciously tend to use too much pressure which ends up damaging our nails.

However, with this remover, you simply dip and twist your finger around inside the pot before popping out clean healthy nails. This is because of the pre-saturated sponges inside of the pod which makes cleaning your nails that much easier.

Price: $12.00

Where to buy: Sephora Singapore