Why Rose Essence is the Preferred Natural Ingredient in Most Skincare Products

By: / September 3, 2019
Categories : Skincare

We have seen the craze of rose infused skincare and we are absolutely loving it! If you are wondering what rose infused skincare can do for your skin we got you! Beauty Insider dives deep into the world of natural skincare to understand why your skin loves a good blast of rose essence every day!

A Natural Antioxidant and Anti bacterial Solution


Bacteria causes poor skin and bad complexion. Secondly, it is also the root cause of most skin problems amongst women. From facial tools to makeup brushes out faces are subject to an unsightly the amount of bacteria daily. Rose essence is a natural anti bacterial solution perfect for maintaining healthy bacteria on the skin surface.

It is Ideal for All Skin Types including Sensitive Skin


Unfortunately, environmental factors can make skin sensitive over time. Rose essence prevents this negative impact on skin that might be more sensitive. This also creates a better environment for more harsher serums and creams. Rose essence is the ideal solution to calm irritated skin.

“The sugars and natural oils found in rose petals trap moisture in your skin, making your skin look smoother and softer—just like the beautiful rose petals themselves,” writes Deepak Chopra, Dermatologist.

Lastly, rose essence is also an accelerant for other nutrients that already exist in the skin layer. It is a natural replenisher for skin cells that have stopped producing nutrients on their own and can lift impurities from clogged pores easily.

How Best to Include Rose Essence into a Skincare Routine

It might be tempting to replace all your expensive skincare with rose water and tonic. However, rose essence cannot fully replace peptide creams or collagen rich serums. The best way to plump up skin and include natural skincare is to keep the balance of skincare products in your routine.

La Cure Beauté Multi Benefit Rose Cream Gel : Best Face Cream – $80

Harnessing the benefits of rose essence, the Rose Cream Gel is a gentle lightweight formula perfect for those who want to pare down their skincare routine. This detoxifying and hydrating product is perfect for daily use. Christian Breton is the birth place of the La Cure Beauté brand. This famous French brand, has been made popular by beauty enthusiasts worldwide.

The rose essence in this gel formula is completely natural and obtained from the natural extraction methods. This all-in-one formula is the perfect natural addition to any daily skincare routine. Above all, thermal water is also used. This unique ingredient contains over 22 trace elements. This cream is ideal for all skin types. For best results use twice daily.