4 Beauty Salons that Offer The Best Facial Treatments you Wouldn’t Want to Miss

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Facial treatments seem to be found at every corner these days. However, they come at quite the cost. It is hard to navigate the world of facial salons when each seem to promise the same things. We at Beauty Insider understand the woes of finding the right facial treatment for your skin type. Be it oily skin or flakey skin, we have the best facial treatment packages for every skin type.

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Before and After Premium Pore Extraction Facial

My Cozy Room Boutique Spa

Premium Pore Extraction Facial – For the Acne Sufferers

Extraction facials are not just for acne-sufferers. Dryness, flakey skin and oily T-zones can also be fixed by extractions. The process of extractions is simple. Imagine, your pores are the gateway of all things good and bad. Sebum and other gunk can exit them while serums and moisture can freely enter.

My Cozy Room Boutique Spa’s extraction facial helps unclog your pores while leaving your skin fresh and clean. Voted Singapore’s Best Extraction Facial, it takes away all things bad but leaves skin texture and nutrients intact. There is a finesse in extractions that can leave some skin scarred or irritated. My Cozy Room Boutique Spa does this gently and meticulously.

My Cozy Room Boutique Spa also uses the No. 1 Award-winning skincare brand, Babor, to cleanse, moisturise and exfoliate your skin during the facial. The Babor skincare range works hand in hand with the extraction process to leave the skin in a better condition while promoting cell renewal and healthier pores.

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The Clifford Clinic

Hydrafacial – For the Fresh Face Seekers

The Hydrafacial, was initially popularised in the US and has gained popularity ever since. Clifford clinic’s Hydrafacial is a medical-grade treatment that gets rid of skin problems in a non invasive manner. It caters to Asian skin types and aims to target problems common amongst Singaporean women.

It uses the power of hydradermabrasion to cleanse, exfoliate and then soak the skin with serums that heal scarred skin. This is opposed to the more old invasive method of dermabrasion that can leave skin texture damaged.

Clifford’s Clinic’s Hydrafacial is best for acne scarring, hyper pigmentation, dry or flakey skin. The process of a Hydrafacial gives you a brand a new canvas without the pain and healing time of a chemical peel. 

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sulwhasoo facial treatment
Jade Applicators during Facial Treatment


Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Treatment – For the Miracle of Youth Chasers

Sulwhasoo has risen to fame as a Korean brand that understands Asian skin and customises Western technology for it. They have come up with their own facial experience utilising only the most premium Sulwhasoo products.

With more than 50 years of brand heritage, Sulwhasoo has captured the hearts of Asian women – and their daughters. By incorporating the trade secrets of TCM, Sulwhasoo has crafted the ultimate facial treatment that incorporates the healing properties of Ginseng Root.

It aims to balance out the Yin & Yang in your body while only using the most premium ingredients and applicators in the process. Ginseng and other herbs are applied in the most concentrated form to not just renew your skin but help your skin produce nutrients important for skin cell growth.

Ginseng root is beneficial for those who are lookign to eliminate the signs of ageing and combat the negative side effects of pollution and other free radicals that exist in the air.

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Suisse Whitening Program for premium results

Estheva Spa

Suissé Alpine Whitening Facial – For the Brightening Seekers

The Suissé Program has certainly held its legacy since the early 80’s. A prestigious skincare line, Suissé uses only the most premium ingredients with the highest natural concentration available. This allows every ingredient to be fully utilised int he facial treatment process.

Estheva Spa has topped the list for being a spa salon with only the best facial treatment packages. Being an award-winning spa and maintaining those accreditations is not an easy feat. Estheva has stood the test of time for its value and prestige as being a go-to spa for brides and others gearing up for a special occasion.

Estheva’s Alpine Whitening Facial is also one that has won its fair share of awards. It is a luxurious pampering facial that leaves your skin with a glowing and brightening effect. Using only the optimal and proprietary blend of selected plants straight from he Swiss Alps, Estheva is able to ensure the high quality of all their facial treatments.

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