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4 Korean Hair Tips That You Can Pull Off Everyday and Here is Where You Can Get Them

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If there is a race we can all rely to when it comes to beauty, Koreans are probably the first one that will come to mind, even their 10-step skin care routine trend has gained somewhat a cult following almost everywhere in the world. And whom else do we look to for hair tips than them too?

Their skincare is on point, so when it comes to hair care, it’s almost impossible not be sold too! Here are 7 Korean hair tips and where you can go to achieve them!

Give Extra Care to Your Scalp

Koreans seem to believe and live up to the saying “prevention is better than cure”. You can observe it through the products they create, and the products they sell. Instead on focusing on repairing or fixing a problem, Koreans like preventing damage from happening instead.

To maintain a healthy scalp, Koreans take care of it through giving themselves scalp treatments. Exfoliations and scaling are not exclusive for the face, you can also do it for your scalp. This helps remove dead skin cells and allows your hair to be less oily, or greasy.

Do Not Settle for Less, Stay Away from 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioners 

It is important that you do not settle for products or services that offer substandard quality. It may sound and look amazing to getting 2 benefits from 1 product or service, but you are actually just cutting yourself short of a better result.

You need 2 separate products for cleaning and for conditioning your hair. Shampoos are for cleansing both the hair and scalp, while conditioners are for conditioning your hair to be smoother.

Give your Hair A Mask Regularly

You can find a mask for everything from k-beauty. Treating your hair and scalp to a mask weekly will keep your hair healthy because masks contain high dosage of healthy ingredients your hair is usually deprived of.

Stop Abusing Your Hair With Harmful Chemicals

 While there is nothing wrong with getting a new hair color from time to time or getting your hair bleached for a season, it is always safe to give your hair an ample amount of time to rest and break away from strong chemicals.

Committing to a regular salon visit for a retouch or hair spa treatments will help keep your hair strong.

Go To A Salon Who Knows Exactly What They Are Doing

There are various hair salons in Singapore and it is only normal to be confused as to where you should go to achieve healthy tresses like the Koreans!

Jiwon Salon in Wheelock Place, Orchard Road is a great Korean hair salon you can check out. They are one of the first Korean hair salons established in Singapore, which only goes to show that they have been providing great service to stay on top of the hair salon competition in Singapore.

Jiwon salon is a full service hair salon, but is more popularly known for their signature digital perm, volume rebonding services and hair spa treatments.

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