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5 Hair Care Secrets that will Keep your Hair Colour Looking Fresh and Bright.

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Having a fresh colour from a hair salon is all well and good. However, the after hair care is often overlooked by most women. Many then end up complaining of the short life cycle of their hair colouring until they feel the itch to change their look again.

We at Beauty insider believe in caring for the one mane you have. It is surprising how the right product can help maintain your hair colour and even rejuvenate your hair health in the long run.

Here are our 5 favourite products and the ingredients that help keep your hair at optimum health.

John Frieda

Red hair is notoriously hard to care for and can turn a nasty orange with time. John Frieda is a tried and tested brand that has restored hair colour and strength in the US and worldwide for many years.

The best part about this particular line is that it is gentle on the hair and can be used daily. This unique Promegranate and Vitamin E infused hair product helps care for your long-term hair health while refreshing your hair colour daily.

The combination of the best ingredients with the advanced 18-MEA technology helps repel unwanted water while you wash your hair. This retains the larger red pigments in your hair for a longer time making you get the best out of your red colouring.

Recharge your red with John Frieda now!


Everyone loves a good hair mask. In Singapore colour-treated hair tends to dry out. Dry hair is mainly a result of damage and repeated usage of harsh chemicals.

Sachajuan’s unique Ocean Silk Technology helps to promote cell regeneration leaving your hair looking healthy and silky immediately after one wash. This unique product uses the healing properties of algae helps improve shine, volume and overall stability of hair without weighing your roots down and damaging your scalp. 

For best results leave this product for at least 5 minutes and your regularly processed hair will remain at its best. 


For most Singaporeans, serum to be oddly popular. Contrary to popular belief, a leave in oil can be greatly beneficial for frizzy hair caused by the combination of coloured hair and Singapore’s humidity. 

Oil and creams tend to be more lightweight and soak into the hair cuticles quicker allowing your hair to shine from the inside out. 

OGX’s leave in oil, mimics natural oils lost during the shampoo and conditioning process. Kukui oil specifically helps protect hair and scalp from environmental elements and also moisturises hair  without leaving it greasy. 


Blond or silver hair can only be a pickle to take care of. With every wash, the colour runs leaving you with the yellowish colour of bleach nobody wants. 

The best way to retain the colour of silver or other cool tones is to neutralise it with purple shampoo. For best results simply use purple shampoo 1 – 2 times a week.

Though it might sound strange to douse your hair with purple pigment, it can eliminate the need for monthly touch ups and help you extend not just the colour but the health of your hair. 

Daddy-O by Lush, is a lovely, mostly organic shampoo that leaves your hair softer and smelling great while helping you maintain the longevity of your salon hair colour.


Heat tools for hair styling is daily part of most Singaporean women’s routine. The best heat protectant allows you the optimum hair texture for hair styling yet protects your hair cuticles from the harsh heat of a curling or flat iron. 

Not only styling tools but the simple act of blow-drying can also damage your hair in the long run. The TREsemme heat protective spray acts as a physical “sunscreen” from the heat of a styling tool.

It only takes a quick couple of seconds for your hair to soak in the protectant. This prevents breakage and loss of shine in the long run.