Singaporeans Swear by These Spa Salons for One Reason!

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In Singapore it is often hard to justify the cost of a massage. There seem to be so many more affordable ones across the border or a plane ride to Thailand just simply seems more worth it. However, sometimes it takes a good Tui Na massage to knock off those tired aches and pains.

Tui Na utilises the art of TCM to bring the body back to balance. Quite literally, Tui Na means to “push and grab”. In ancient Chinese therapy, Tui Na is both an internal and external treatment which means a holistic fix to any ache or pain you might have.

We at Beauty Insider have curated our top Tui Na spots right here in Singapore!

Ma Kuang

Ma Kuang is a franchise that is well known in the TCM industry. Their Tui Na therapists undergo intense training and many have over 10 years of experience. We recommend the outlet at Ang Mo Kio for a practitioner that is famed both online and offline.

Ma Kuang is a one-stop shop. Often our ailments, unbeknownst to us, might simply be a symptom of a completely different problem. TCM based clinic like Ma Kuang help to identify the root problems to recommend the most holistic treatment possible.


Natureland, is another franchise name that has made its way in the massage and spa circuit. However, the branch at Holland Village is still famed for its Tui Na treatments both by Holland V locals and others alike.

The main thing that makes this place stand out is its affordable prices. For under $70 you can get an hour long Tui Na treatment that will target your particular problem areas. For those who decide to make regular trips, they have a discount of $10 for regular customers. Try out their Tui Na treatments, it just might be the answer to your aches and pains!

Long Xiu Massage

Located in the humble surroundings of a HDB enclave, Long Xiu has been around for decades. Speak to anyone who has lived in Woodlands for more than 10 years and they will not just have heard of Long Xiu but be able to confidently direct you to it as well.

Most therapy sessions are under $50 and are quick and concise. Long Xiu does not wish to scam its customers with repeat visits but to fix long-term ailments with the help of TCM therapy and simple Tui Na adjustments.