This Salon has the Secret Perm for Your Dull and Damaged Hair!

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Have you ever felt that every day is a bad hair day? Your hair gets frizzy when it is humid (that’s 80% of the year in Singapore). You try to style it, but all the blow drying and curling has made it into a dull, dry mess. The perms you have gotten only serve to either damage your hair or make you look like an electrocuted poodle!

Well, hope has arrived! At Hair Salon Tokyo MICHAELA, your ideal hair is no longer a dream! This is made possible by Mr. Nagatsuka, one of Japan’s top stylists. In the last 10 years, he has not only worked at the prestigious Minx Salon, but has also created the best looks for celebrities, models and magazine editorials.

He understands Asian hair, and the challenges of humidity and UV exposure. He gets your hair woes, and more importantly, he has found the way to fix them!

The Michaela Signature Perm

Mr. Nagatsuka designed the Michaela Signature Perm to help you achieve shiny, healthy natural-looking waves. “The biggest difference between the Michaela Signature Perm and others is it reduces damage,” he explains.

Most perms tend to dry out your hair cuticle, causing hair to lose shine and strength. However, the Michaela Signature Perm actually restores your hair. Therefore, your hair not only looks better, it also feels softer and becomes healthier. It is like getting both a hair style and a hair treatment at the same time!

Michaela Signature Perm

The Michaela Difference

Mr. Nagatsuka says that the secret lies in the styling solution they use, and how he has trained his staff to use them.

The salon uses the highest grade “Tokio Inkarami”products that is free of alkali and other ingredients that can harm your hair.

His staff also customizes the formula according to your personal needs. “We identify each customer’s hair quality and thickness, and use the appropriate chemical agents, temperature and treatment time,” he says.   

Ideal for dry, damaged hair

Since the Michaela Signature Perm is so gentle and effective, you can get it even if you have very dry, dull or weak hair. “We can even make damaged hair look beautiful too!” says Mr. Nagatsuka.

The Hair Salon Tokyo MICHAELA’s staff are able to recommend hair cuts that bring out the beauty of your face shape and complement your hair texture. This, combined with the Michaela Signature Perm, allows you to have the best hair of your life!

Wake up with perfect hair!

One of the reasons the Michaela Signature Perm is so good for dry, damaged hair is it helps cut down on styling products and time. Get ready to wake up with natural waves and nothing more than a quick brush and you’re ready to go! #Hairgoals achieved, with no fuss or hassle!

Check out the final result of Michaela Signature Perm

Since they introduced the Michaela Signature Perm, the salon has received glowing testimonials from customers who have finally conquered their bad hair days forever. “We have handled various hair qualities and hair style troubles,” says Mr. Nagatsuka. Seeing clients’ satisfaction – and their big, confident smiles as they walk out of the Hair Salon Tokyo MICHAELA – is one of the biggest rewards of his work.

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