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Best Director Cut 2019 : 4 Hair Salons in Singapore that are Worth Splurging at for their Director’s Services.

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Ever been to a renowned salon, anxiously awaited for your amazing makeover and were disappointed by the hairstyle you walked out with? Us too! That is probably due to the fact that the cut you saw was from the Director of the salon! We at Beauty Insider believe in splurging on the price of a director’s hair cut- but only at the right salons!

Just for you we have curated out top favourite salons that have affordable yet trusted Director cut services for your Chinese New Year hairdo!

director's cut
Rena from Zinc Korea Hair Salon

Zinc Korea Hair Salon

Rena is a Director from Zinc Korea Hair Salon. With over 14 years of experience, her hardest working marketing tool has been word-of-mouth. Most of her clients have followed her from salon to salon because of their wonderful experiences getting a haircut from her.

Her other specialities include perming and colouring so you can expect to receive an all rounded stellar salon experience from her. A cut by her only costs a standard price of $55.

Book an appointment here before her slots get filled up!

hair salon director
Kenta from Hair Salon Tokyo MICHAELA

Hair Salon Tokyo MICHAELA

Kenta’s signature style is a more soft and natural approach to hairstyling. Having studied from working at a prestigious hair salon in Tokyo, he brings with him skills and experience about the common problems associated with Asian hair specifically.

His personal motto in his hairstyling career has been to, “Bring Out the Best in You”. It is an inspiration from his many years in the business and his overall friendly but sincere demeanour.

Kenta’s style is catered towards creating a more angular face shape and a smaller countenance. However, he does not compromise on functionality and suits the maintenance to the average busy lifestyle of the working woman.

For the CNY period the salon is having an exclusive promotion of $235 (25% off) for a cut and colour. This promotion is valid until the end of February.

Grab this irresistible price by booking an appointment here.

next hair salon
Olivia from Next Hair Salon

Next Hair Salon

The famed Next Salon has been around for decades now. Olivia has worked with them for many years and has most famously worked on influencers like Xiaxue. Coming from a family of hairdressers, and her experience of almost 18 years she has truly made a name for herself in the industry.

Olivia is constantly trying to update her skills by utilising new and creative techniques such as hair painting and colour melting. These techniques aim to blend colour together with the natural texture of your hair. Olivia’s pricing is confirmed upon consultation but are priced to start around $399.

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black hair salon
Raymond Eng from Black Hair Salon

Black Hair Salon

Raymond is the founder and Director of Black Hair Salon. Being the founder, he only hires the best hair stylists who are willing to hone their technique with professionalism and integrity.

Raymond has over 20 years of experience with being a professional hairstylist and has mostly succeeded with opening his salon because of his loyal customer base.

Wanting to improve the talents of his co-workers, Raymond has standardised his pricing for haircuts at $48. He is determined to prove that under his tutelage, they too will be able to reach the same standard of knowledge and skills.

Book an appointment here and also check out their new year promotion.