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5 Ways to Keep Coloured Hair Shiny, Healthy and Vibrant

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How do you keep coloured hair from becoming dry or brittle? Here are easy healthy hair tips to do every day so your hair doesn’t die when it’s dyed.   

Healthy Hair Tip # 1: Use a sulfate-free shampoo

Sulfates are what give shampoos that rich lather. While they aren’t necessarily bad for the hair, they can strip off the natural oils, breakdown keratins, and fade color. In fact, shampooing hair just three times with a formula that contains sulfates can undo a keratin treatment.

We recommend: L’Oreal Paris Color Vive Shampoo. There are many sulfate free shampoos, but this one is definitely one of the most affordable healthy hair products. It’s got UV filter technology to prevent colour fade and sun damage, for less than $10! 

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Healthy Hair Tip # 2: Don’t shampoo every day

Shampooing strips your hair of oils and color. If you don’t have really oily hair and scalp, or got really sweaty because of a workout or a day outdoors, you can shampoo just three or four times a week and use dry shampoo on other days. 

We recommend: Batiste Dry Shampoo.The fine powder disappears when you work your fingers through your hair. It controls the greasiness and comes in several great fragrances. The Batiste Hint of Color — especially formulated for coloured hair — can even help hide the roots.  

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Healthy Hair Tip # 3: Don’t style your hair every day

You don’t need to break up with your blowdryer, just use it less often. Air dry your hair, or look for hair styles that don’t need hair tools or a ton of hair products. And if you do need to blowdry, set it to low or medium heat, and apply a heat protectant spray.

Healthy Hair Tip # 4: Don’t take hot showers

Repeat after me: heat is bad for coloured hair. Take cold showers (or at most, lukewarm showers). If you really want a relaxing hot bath, protect your hair with a shower cap.

Healthy Hair Tip # 5: Protect your hair from sun damage

Wear a hat or a scarf when you’re on the beach, and use a protective spray or an oil-based sunscreen that can be used on both hair and body. After a long beach vacation, give your hair extra TLC with hair treatments for your hair type. 

We recommend: Aveda Sun Care Protective Hair Veil. This invisible shield deflects UV rays without making your hair feel or look greasy. 

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