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Beauty & Health Come Together! Check Out These Cafes That Serve Healthy Food in Singapore

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What a time to be alive, don’t you think? With more and more people becoming more health-conscious and willingly take necessary steps to a well-balanced lifestyle and healthy routines, it is almost impossible not to see healthy food in Singapore alone.

These cheap healthy food choices in Singapore will not only keep your body in tiptop shape, but also keep your skin looking radiant faster than any topical skincare product out there!


healthy food singapore

China central does not only offer authentic Chinese cuisine, they also have healthy restaurants worth visiting! Dosirak is located in 18 Cross Street, #01-02 China Square Central, owned by two brothers. They serve healthy, well-balanced and tasty meals focusing on giving the right portion of carbs, vegetables and protein.

Their food offerings are based on their family’s secret recipes and aided by a certified food nutritionist. Some of their most famous meals are spicy kimchi chicken, cured salon and beef bulgogi!


healthy food singapore

Established in 2014, this food joint in 9 Raffles Place, #B1-08 , Republic Plaza, lives in the philosophy of “real food”. True enough, today’s world is swamped with unhealthy processed food. Raw Bar sets its unique positioning through providing natural food without compromising flavor, and nutrition.

Their menu is a very diverse one, with Arab, Asian, and Mexican cuisines available.


healthy food singapore

Saladstop is a family business that started in Singapore, and with its success, now have 5 outlets in the nearby country, Philippines.

Their bestseller in Singapore is the Singapore Chili Crab that has romaine, crab sticks, tomato, vermicelli, egg, red onion, croutons and their very own Singapore Chili Crab dressing.


healthy food singapore

The Daily Cut came about when founder himself, Jonathan, was looking for a healthy option that allowed him to enjoy ample portions of meat and greens together. He ended up not finding it, which made him decide to build his own restaurant.

The Daily Cut offers customized salad bowls. Their best sellers always include Ribeye steak and turkey.

There’s another outlet you can visit at 1 Fusionopolis Place, #01-28/29!


healthy food singapore

With Roll Out Sushi Bar’s owners travelling regularly to Japan, this healthy place in Singapore is a reliable restaurant to go to if you’re looking for authentic sushi!

They have sushi flavors that are developed mainly to cater to Singaporean taste palettes like the Hainanese that has poached chicken, homemade grated ginger and chicken flavored sushi rice.

They are situated in Tampines Mall, B1-K11, 4 Tampines Central 5.

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