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Let your smile be your sexiest curve!: Get your Dental Treatment at T32 Dental Center

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According to Dr Bruce Lee at T32, a Smile Makeover is one of the most sought-after aesthetic dentistry treatments today. “The creation of a desirable smile can only be achieved through a comprehensive and detailed analysis of the patient’s smile called the Aesthetic Smile Analysis. We work closely with our patients to create truly bespoke smiles that they can enjoy and give them every reason to smile for many years to come. Digital Smile Design is not just about using computer technology to simulate ‘before’ and ‘after’ results. This latest technique helps the dental team to be very precise in our analysis, planning, design and execution of smile creations. It also significantly improves communication with our dental laboratory and ceramists. All this results in excellent and predictable results for our patients,” he adds.

It is exactly this form of cohesive partnership between the patient that T32 seeks. “For T32, being the leading dental centre is about establishing a sustainable leadership which involves a deep-rooted passion coupled with a certain audacious spirit, to challenge industry norms – with the purpose of revolutionising the way people look at their dental treatments,” explains business development manager, Lewis Ng.

Digital Smile Design is but one of the latest generation of techniques available for planning, designing and execution of smiles for patients at this leading dental centre. T32 is equipped with their own digital 3-D imaging machines, CAD -CAM technology, microscopic surgical facilities and a dental laboratory comprising of dental technicians and ceramists at their sprawling 11,500-sq feet penthouse clinic. In addition they also boast an integrated training centre – T32 Dental Academy, that advocates and supports continued education and the pursuit of new skills among dentists, in turn delivering many treatments that are backed by the latest available scientific literature to their clients.

T32 Dental Centre

1 Orchard Boulevard

Suite 17-00 Camden Medical Centre

Singapore 248649

Tel: +65 6733 1388

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