It is easy to forget about oneself once you become a mother. Everything immediately becomes about the baby. Bathing, eating, and sleeping are almost optional. If baby sleeps, maybe mommy can do those things. But taking care of yourself and your body is top priority especially when you have a baby. Getting a post pregnancy massage is a great way to relax and help your body heal from childbirth. Below are three Nouri Face and Body Concepts massages to choose from–some are Beauty Insider award winners!

Post Natal Deluxe Massage and Full Body Slimming

First is this massage that helps detoxify the body of excess eating and poor circulation. The Javanese lymphatic drainage massage technique restores your energy thanks to the naturally blended jamu herbs. And all mommas need that energy boost especially with newborns. This can also help with dropping the baby weight. The traditional slimming massage combined with machinery gets rid of subcutaneous fat deposits and cellulite. It also lightens stretchmarks and firms up skin.

Recovery Jamu Javanese Massage with Tummy Slimming

This award winning post natal treatment also restores energy levels and heals the strain and damage from exertion and blood loss. Booking the comprehensive package of ten sessions allows you to maximize the benefits of this massage, helping you recover faster, reduce anxiety, and decrease symptoms of post natal depression. It also helps particularly with the cellulite and fat deposits in the abdomen area and bringing back your pre-baby body.

Home Jamu Massage for Post Natal Slimming

If you are not comfortable with going out of your home to get a massage, this massage is for you. Its benefits is similar to the Recovery Jamu Javanese Massage with Tummy Slimming and is the choice of moms who wish to get a post-pregnancy massage right after delivery but can’t leave the home just yet. This 60 minute massage is sure to relieve your muscle aches and joint pains.

All three massages also help in eliminating excess fluids and waste, and believe it or not, boost your milk production. You also get beauty benefits like firmer and more hydrated skin. A post-natal massage is also helpful in dealing with stress, fatigue, and post-partum depression. The best advantage yet? It can help you get back that much needed deep sleep.

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