Can this snack give you better hair (and sex?)

We eat yogurt for breakfast, or even just for snacks – but we did not know it could be that beneficial.A funny thing happened while researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) were testing the effects of yogurt on obese mice.

First, yogurt-fed mice developed thick, shiny fur, with 10 times the hair-follicle density of their yogurt-deprived counterparts. The yogurt-eating males held their whiskers high and proudly displayed their testes, which were about 15% heavier than males consuming low-nutrient “junk” food. They were also more, er, effective at sex — successfully inseminating their partners faster, and yielding much healthier offspring.

Go, yo.

In any case, there’s no harm in loading up on this healthy snack. Your best bet: no-sugar-added, low-fat Greek yogurt. It contains beneficial bacteria that help keep your digestive and immune systems humming, your arteries flexible, and your triglyceride levels and blood pressure low – great not just for your sex life, but for how you feel every single day.


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