Anti-Aging Battle Plan for your 20s, 30s and 40s

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Want to look amazing when you’re 40, 50, or even 60? Then start taking care of your skin today. Anti-aging skincare doesn’t start when you see your first wrinkle. It’s a series of smart choices that keep your skin at its healthiest.

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Your skin now: You’ve got lots of collagen support, your skin renews itself like clockwork, and sun damage hasn’t started to show yet. The most common skin concern? Large pores, oily skin, and the occasional breakout.

Your battle plan: Many people with oily or combination skin tend to overcleanse or overexfoliate, which just dries and irritates skin. Choose gentle skincare products for your skin type, and spot-treat acne rather than bombarding your entire face with harsh ingredients.

What to invest in: A daytime moisturizer with UVA/UVB protection and at least SPF 20, a cleanser for your skin type (milky formulas for dry skin, gel formulas for oily skin), and a gentle exfoliating scrub you can use once or twice a week. Your skin renews itself best at night, so spring for a good hydrating night cream and eye cream.  Every few months, get a medical facial to clear out any blackheads or whiteheads – this is better than picking at your skin, which can cause scars.

Smart habits:  Triple up on skincare! Choose makeup with sun protection and skin-enhancing ingredients (try Jane Iredale Liquid Mineral Foundation), and complement a healthy diet with skin-boosting supplements like Vitamin E, Vitamin C and fish oil.



Your skin now: Collagen production has slowed down, so you may start seeing fine lines around the eyes and mouth. You may be having issues with hyperpigmentation and discoloration, and since cell turnover isn’t working as well as it used to, you’ll notice some dullness and/or dry spots.

Your battle plan: Basic cleansers and moisturizers don’t cut it anymore. Look for power-packed ingredients that help will cell turnover (AHAs, glycolic or salicylic acid) or skin repair, protect you from free radical damage (antioxidants), and brighten the skin (licorice, kojic acid, soy).  If you have dry skin, look for hyaluronic acid. You also need a good serum, which often has the highest concentration of a key ingredient in a skincare range.

What to invest in:  Aside from the appropriate skincare products, consider adding regular facials or treatments to your beauty regimen (visit Aesthetics and Beauty for a list of clinics and treatments in Singapore). On a budget? Many skincare lines include masks that soak your skin with moisturizing, anti-aging ingredients (Jamie Chua swears by the Luminous1 Collagen Mask)

Smart habits:  Give your skin a little extra love. Facial massages can help drain fluids and help your skin look firmer and healthier. Exercise – even just a short yoga routine or dancing in your bedroom – boosts circulation.



Your skin now: Alas, your skin is showing all the cumulative signs of sun damage and neglect. With less collagen and skin elasticity, you’re seeing more fine lines and wrinkles and also more prominent dullness because light doesn’t reflect evenly on your skin surface.

Your battle plan: Your skin needs more moisture now to stay supple. Use a creamy cleanser, and look for ingredients that don’t just add moisture but lock it in. Other skin saviours: antioxidants like green tea, lycopene and soy, and peptides that help strengthen collagen.

What to invest in: You may want to see your dermatologist for a prescription retinoid that can help boost collagen, exfoliate, and minimize hyperpigmentation. As for fine lines and loss of firmness around the chin and eyes – there are many treatments for that! Check Aesthetics & Beauty to explore non-invasive treatments (don’t worry: if you hate needles, there are many anti-aging treatments that use radio frequency or lasers).