The part of your body that ages fastest (hint: it’s not your eyes)

We religiously apply sunblock and eye cream, but the face isn’t the only part of us that’s aging. We need to give some serious attention – stat! – a little further south.

A study published in the journal Genome Biology discovered that our breast tissue is the most sensitive to the effects of aging and (sigh) sagging.

Think about all our breast tissue go through: stretching through weight gain and pregnancy, exposed to the sun each time we wear a bikini or low-cut blouses, and frequently forgotten in our daily moisturizing routine. As dermatologist Dr. Neil Shultz of DermTV explains: “”I you take a paperclip and bend it back and forth a few times, what happens? It breaks. If you stress your skin, if you fold your skin or crease your skin, it’s like repeatedly folding your collagen, and ultimately it breaks.”

So, when you’re considering your anti-aging skincare from now on, remember not to restrict it to just your face — add your chest and breast area into your routine too. Some things that can help:

Invest in a good bra

Look for good support – especially if you’re using it while exercising or any kind of moderate physical activity. Dr. Schulz it may benefit to sleep with a comfortable bra on, but only if you’re okay with it — if you’d rather have a few hours of complete comfort, then you (and your breasts) will survive. He doesn’t recommend push up bras, which can distort your breast. Beauty vlogger Bubz Beauty gives a video tutorial on how to pick the right bra size:

Exercises for firmer breasts

Push ups to push them up! Athlean-XX for Women, a channel that devotes itself to exercises just for us girls, gives you a quick workout to keep them perky!

Apply sunscreen and lotions to your chest area

While breast-firming creams get mixed reviews (some of them may work, but the results are temporary), your skin will benefit from any moisturizer. Sunscreen’s important too, especially if you’re out in the sun. SPF 30 please, and don’t forget to reapply after your swim.

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