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21 Facts Every Woman Should Know Before Getting a Boob Job

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There will be a boost in the number and cost of a boob job, particularly for breast augmentations, according to the latest news about the Asian breast implant market. The growth will come primarily from China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, and the rest of Asia.

This means one thing—more Asian women in their reproductive ages put great emphasis on the physical appearance of their breasts. They are open and willing to undergo breast augmentation, as long as they can pay for it.

But before you call your doctor and decide to go under the knife, you should read these things before getting a boob job:

Your first will not be your last

The breast implants do not last forever. There are situations such as weight loss and pregnancy which might result in a leakage or a change of the implant’s shape. In that case, you’ll need new implants to retain the shape of your bosom. Other women undergo another breast surgery to remove their breast implants which became a burden.


21 Facts Every Woman Should Know Before Getting a Boob Job


The price of the breast augmentation and reduction varies

There are a lot of factors that affect the total costs of the operation. In general, the price depends on the patient, doctor, and location of the clinic. The more prestigious the doctor and the clinic, the more expensive it is. The longer and more complicated the operation, the costlier it will be.

You need to take a week long vacation from work

The patient needs five to seven days of recovery from the operation.

However, the soreness will last longer if the implant is placed behind the muscle of the breast. But a lot of women take the risk and choose this in order to achieve a fuller and more natural looking breasts.

Implants feel a lot different compared to the real thing

A lot of doctors and clinics will say that silicone implants feel similar to real breasts. But the truth is, it still feels unnatural. If you want to achieve natural-looking boobs, go for smaller implants. It gives your body time to adjust to the changes in your bust.


21 Facts Every Woman Should Know Before Getting a Boob Job


A good boob job doesn’t offer drastic cup size changes

A woman with a small A cup breasts can’t upsize to a DD cup in one operation. It is unhealthy and unrealistic! A normal breast augmentation increases your bust up to a couple of cup sizes. This is to give room for your body to adjust. Then, it is up to the patient if she wants to add more implants in the next few years.

There is a way to try boob sizes before the operation

If you’re unsure of the boob size for your breast augmentation, use “sizers”. It is a bead-filled neoprene sack that you can add to your bra so you’ll get the illusion of the boob size you want.

It affects your ability to breastfeed

Women who have implants, especially those who have areola incisions choose not to breastfeed. In this case, breastfeeding a child might damage the minor ducts and might disconnect the areola complex from the mammary glands.

On the other hand, breastfeeding is not a problem if you have a crease or underarm incisions.


21 Facts Every Woman Should Know Before Getting a Boob Job


Your nipples might feel numb after the operation

There are numerous women who report the loss of sensation in their nipples after a breast augmentation or reduction.

Don’t worry, your nipples will still respond to stimulation. It will get hard when it’s cold or when you touch it. Unfortunately, you may not feel it.

If you have serious medical conditions, you’re not a good candidate for breast augmentation.

Obese women who smoke and have a family history of breast cancer might not be fit for a breast augmentation. The surgeon will have to assess your medical and health history before you’ll be cleared for surgery.

Not everyone who claims they can do a boob job can be trusted

We’ve seen a lot of disastrous breast augmentations in the news but some people still fall for bogus plastic surgeons. Before entrusting your body to someone else, make sure they possess the right certifications. Do your own private research on the surgeon you are dealing with. Go over his or her experience in the field. It is better if you get in touch with his or her previous patients.

21 Facts Every Woman Should Know Before Getting a Boob Job


You have a choice between silicone and saline implants

First, let’s look at silicone implants. These look more realistic but it is harder to spot tears and leaks in the implant because of the gelatinous consistency. It is the implant pictured above. On the other hand, leaking saline implants will create a ripple effect on your breasts. You will notice the decrease in the size of the water solution filling as well. Don’t worry, your doctor will show you your options and will discuss the pros and cons of both implants when it is inserted in your body. 


You can transfer your other body fat to your boobs

This is called the autologous fat transfer. Talk to your surgeon and physicians about this because a few people are fit for this operation.

You can shrink your nipples

The operation called mastopexy or areola reduction. Women who get breast reduction will need this to make their areolas proportional to their breasts.


21 Facts Every Woman Should Know Before Getting a Boob Job

The size of your breasts and the type of incision will not come from you

Ideally, these matters are discussed and settled by you and your surgeon. There are a lot of factors that a doctor considers and he/she needs to explain these to you, the patient before you make a choice. The doctor will take your original breast size, shape, and breast tissues. These factors will help him/her determine the best incision for you. The possible incisions are on the underarm, crease of the breast, and on the areola.

Your breast surgery affects your breast cancer screening results

Don’t worry, most mammographers don’t have an issue with the implants the doctor planted on your breasts. It only has a small effect on the test results. However, you still need to discuss the results with your doctor.

The best thing to do is to visit your gynaecologist before the breast augmentation. This is to ensure your initial breast health. If you have a strong family history of breast cancer, think twice about getting this operation done.

Implants placed under the muscle will feel more uncomfortable

Boob Job

However, women who already gave birth will find the implants more comfortable compared to a woman with no kids. 

Your bigger boobs will affect your posture

This is why you have to choose an implant that is proportional to your body. Too much of one thing will feel heavy and uncomfortable. Good thing, with today’s technology, surgeons are able to match the weight of an augmented C cup with the natural C cup breasts.

Exercise and movement that involves bouncing is restricted after surgery

All your exercises and movements are limited as you recover from the surgery. You can only do light cardio exercises after a week. Most women switch to a lighter fitness routine too.

Boob Job


Women with small breasts can still get a reduction

It is a matter of personal preferences. Go to a trusted surgeon and communicate all your concerns properly. Through this, the doctor can get a hold of your desired looks. It only takes a couple of incisions to do this.

Your boobs can grow back after a reduction

This is true, especially when you conceived. However, if the procedure is done after giving birth and you managed to maintain a consistent weight, your boob size will not change.

You have to feel comfortable about the operation before saying yes to it

Ask yourself why you want this procedure done. Understand all the lifestyle changes when it comes to your work and fitness routines. Not to mention the risks that may happen in the future. Can you handle it all?

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