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Combat Acne & Aging With An Award-Winning Face Mask

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Stress, diet choices and environmental conditions can lead to dry skin, acne outbreaks or other skin related problems. We are well aware of the fact that treatment creams and moisturizers are usually recommended to combat these conditions. However, the solution does not end here, with the increasing trend of face masks used as a form of skin rescue and pore tightening, we ventured into the world of face masks and found a couple of interesting benefits.

Some common features of a face mask include functions such as whitening, pore refining and moisturizing. With the right ingredients, some face masks even help with the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. Doubling up as a cleanser and moisturizer, it helps nourish the skin and balance facial oil secretion while your skin cells work hard to repair your aggravated and inflamed skin.

The usage of most face masks out there are often recommended to be applied only once a week. This is largely due to the fact that in most exfoliating face masks, there is usually a higher concentration of ingredients to achieve the desired results during the application.

However, you must remember that the skin is the largest organ in our body and whatever we put on it eventually ends up in our bloodstream. Pay close attention to the ingredients in the face masks that you purchase off the shelf to ensure that nothing harmful comes into contact with your skin. Look out for brands that uses a good mix of natural ingredients, so you can feel safe applying it and enjoying the benefits to the fullest.

Simple natural ingredients such as oatmeal, rice enzyme and tea tree oil are some of the best ingredients you can find in a face mask, or face scrub. These ingredients contain a multitude of functions that are beneficial to skin cell regeneration and repair, keeping your skin looking radiant and soft throughout the week.

Using products that contains a good blend of natural ingredients is a good start to keep your skin from getting irritated or aggravated. If you suffer from sensitive or acne-prone skin, you need to be wary of the products that you use. Certain products that are not suitable for your skin could cause issues such as flaky skin, increase inflammation and longer recovery times. Look for products that consist of anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients that are helpful in soothing and relaxing your skin, so you can regain that youthful, radiant skin again!

Beauty Insider Product Recommendation: Venna Rice Spa

face srcub

This award-winning face mask and scrub is a must-add to your beauty arsenal. It provides 5 beneficial functions to your skin such as pore tightening, gentle exfoliation, anti-inflammation, anti-bacterial and cellular regeneration. In addition to these, Venna Rice Spa also aids in skin hydration and moisture retention, taking the number 1 spot in your weekly skincare regime. A unique gentle face mask and scrub which you could use 2-4 times weekly.

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