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BIFESTA has Reformulated Their Micellar Cleansing Lotion and We’re Loving It!

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Your boring bathroom shelf is sure to be all festive with Bifesta’s newest Micellar Cleansing Lotion!

Marking a first in the industry, this new formulation uses fatty acid polyglyceryl as a cleansing ingredient. They are proven to be safe for all skin types and so much gentler on the eyes compared to other and usual ingredients.

This new formula is 12 times more effective in removing makeup compared to the old formula. The tiny micelles sweep away dirt and makeup with zero tugging or rubbing needed. You can now say bye-bye to force and friction on the skin forever!

makeup remover

This lotion’s combination of ingredients also boosts the skin’s moisture levels so the skin never feels tight, restricted and dry after cleansing or even with continued use.

With this stronger formula, removing makeup now means fewer wipes and less time needed to achieve a totally cleansed skin! Such a quick, easy and effective way to hit the sack refreshed and totally free from dirt and makeup, right?

It is also gentle, hypoallergenic and perfect for use even for those with sensitive skin. It comes with zero harsh chemicals, artificial fragrances, dyes and oil.

It comes in different 5 variants, catering to every skin concern:

makeup remover

For more information about the brand, click here.

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