Christmas Beauty Gifts

Get Your Affordable Beauty Gifts At Sasa Singapore This Festive Season

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The festive season is nigh! With it, though, comes the arduous task of trying to find the best deals to get through your Christmas shopping without going broke. Sasa Singapore has blessed us with lovely deals for lovelier gifts so you don’t have to be embarrassed at the gift swap Christmas party this year.

We at Beauty Insider have come up with the ultimate gift list for all your Christmas beauty needs. From skincare to beauty products and even sold-out cult favourites, Sasa Singapore has you covered for all your Christmas essentials.

For each product under their Christmas promotion expect to save up to 20% off. This increases by 5% and goes up to 35% for 3 or more products. Additionally, their special PWP have items selling as low as $1!

Wet n Wild Color Icon Rainbow Highlighter- $9.90

This unicorn princess favoured product send the internet into disarray and was sold out in a manner of minutes. Expect to be the envy of everyone at the gift exchange or gift it to your Mermaid wannabe gal pal this festive season. Achieve your #pastelprincess goals with this gorgeous highlighter.

Find out more about this rainbow display of sparkles by clicking here.

Hello Kitty Atomizer – $18

We’ve all got that one friend that loves everything and anything Hello Kitty. Don’t fret, Sasa Singapore has the perfect gift for you. With this new atomizer you can refill your favourite perfume and carry around in this chic and adorable container. Satisfy your Hello Kitty fascination with this practical yet cute purchase.

Have the cuteness of Hello Kitty in your purse by clicking here.

Beauty Blender Original + Solid Cleanser Kit – $30

The makeup applicator to save us all, this is sure to be in every makeup lovers makeup bag. This affordable price is going to make you want to drop your life and head to the nearest Sasa outlet. Perhaps if not for a loved one, Treat Yo’ Self a little this Christmas- after all its on Sasa Cosmetics.

Revolutionise your beauty routine with the beauty blender!

LuLuLun Daily Face Mask Christmas Gift Set- $26.90

We all have that one friend who’s obsessed with her skincare routine and is eager to try out the newest products on the market. Treat him/her to a special Christmas edition gift set by LuLuLun from Sasa Cosmetics featuring the trio of daily masks. These are a classic for most skincare junkies who want a product that simply works.

Get a pampering treat for your skin this Christmas with this highly raved face mask.

Bluemei 97% Jeju Moisture Aloe Soothing Gel 2 for $7

This has been the year of Jeju infused skincare products. The island’s natural resources are famed for its healing properties and 100% natural ingredients- so it’s not surprise that this product is on our list. Skincare experts know exactly how great this soothing gel so get it at a steal this Christmas at Sasa Cosmetics.

Get a closer look at the healing properties of Jeju Aloe by clicking here.

So celebrate Christmas this year with Sasa Cosmetics and take full advantage of their deals. Find out more about their wide variety of products here.