Worried About A Painful Wax? Pink Parlour Promises A Pleasant Experience.

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With numerous new ways of hair removal such as laser or IPL, putting yourself through the pain of waxing seems almost unnecessary. However, waxing is a great way to remove hair temporarily. It is also uniquely great for darker skin ladies or those with coarser hair. When it comes to choosing a salon, it is tempting to go for the cheapest option. However, we at Beauty Insider trust brands that have been around for decades. Pink Parlour is one such salon. We help you navigate the painful world of waxing and review Pink Parlour’s best waxing treatments to help you discover an enjoyable salon experience.

Pink Parlour has managed to franchise their brand in the Philippines, Thailand and Malaysia. A trusted brand throughout Southeast Asia, they have well seasoned and certified waxing specialists who cater to your every need. Perhaps one of the reasons why Pink Parlour has stayed reputable amidst the stiff competition and new technology is its commitment to quality service. With Singaporeans especially being fussy, its hard to not come out unscathed with a bad review. Pink Parlour has managed such a feat even in the long period of time it has remained in the industry.

Highest Hygiene Standards

Our favourite part about Pink Parlour is their strict no double-dipping policy when it comes to waxing. Moreover, each waxing specialist uses hospital grade level of sterilisation to ensure the highest hygiene standards when conducting treatments. Not just that they require all waxing clients to have a shower before starting a procedure.


During the procedure, you can be assured that your waxing specialist will cater to your needs and check in at every moment during your wax. Do not be afraid to provide feedback of pain or discomfort as our experience as Pink Parlour wax specialist are specifically trained to listen to your concerns. The best part is the uniquely chic interior. No need for clinical white walls or an overly medical feel. Pink Parlour prides itself as not just a waxing salon but a holistic salon experience for nails, waxing and even spray tanning.

A Holistic Brand

The best part of Pink Parlour is it has its own namesake after-care brand. Pink Parlour Bedouir Beauty allows you to prevent regretful ingrown hairs and other various skin concerns that might occur from not taking care of skin after a wax. To better provide an all encompassing skincare routine, Pink parlour takes care of its clients during and after each and every wax. That is truly when you know a business is committed to caring for you.

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