How to get bigger discounts during the Great Singapore Sale

The Great Singapore Sale (GSS) has kicked off, and the bargains are pouring! Here are some ways to get more deals, bigger discountsin the best beauty products in Singapore.

1. Check online stores

The Singapore malls are packed! If you’d rather skip the crowds and chaos, check the online stores like Lazada, Zalora, Sephora, Qoo10, and more. You could get the same discounts and order from the comfort of your home. At the very least, you can get an idea of the merchandise and the price range. Many online stores offer regular discounts anyway, so you can spend your GSS budget on the best beauty products that rarely go on sale.

2. Collect codes at deal portals

Deal portals like and Offer Station have promo codes and redeem coupons that can stretch your GSS shopping budget even further.

3. Take advantage of credit card promos

Most credit cards will have special Singapore Sale promotions. Call up your card provider to find out if they’ve tied up with any stores or restaurants for additional discounts or freebies. Also ask about on-going promos: since you’ll be using your card anyway, might as well use the one that offers points rewards that you enjoy.

4. Follow social media

Aside from the official Great Singapore Sale website and Facebook page and the #GreatSingaporeSale hashtag, check your favourite stores’ Twitter and Facebook pages. They’re likely to announce their biggest promos, so you know where to go and what to buy even before you leave the house.

5. Don’t buy something you wouldn’t get at full price

If you don’t truly love it then you won’t ever use it, and that’s money you could have used to buy something else. Ask yourself which of these best beauty products you really need — whether it’s the perfect primer for your skintype, a powerful anti-aging cream, or a red lipstick you can wear everyday.

6. Compute the real cost per use

Yes those heels are 70% off, but you’ve got 10 other pairs at home that you rarely wear – and any money you spend on something you won’t use is money wasted. What do you really need and would buy even if it wasn’t on sale? Check your wardrobe: are your white shirts getting thin and need replacing? Is it time to retire your underwear and invest in new, quality bras with good support? And chances are, you’ll use those jeans that are 10% more than the dress that’s 80% off – and if you divide the price by the times you’ll actually use them, the practical purchase makes more sense and saves more cents. Those may not be as fun to buy as shoes and bags, but trust us: each time you use them you’ll thank yourself.

7. Dress to shop

The dressing rooms will be packed during the Great Singapore Sale. Wear a tank top or leggings so you can quickly try on the clothes, or get your waistline or body measurements so you can whip out the measuring tape and check the item on the spot rather than trying it on. If you’re keen on buying a dress, wear the bra and underwear that you’d likely use with it so you can see how it drapes.