Jennifer Lopez is known for a lot of things—singer, songwriter, actress, entrepreneur and and all in all #CelebrityBodyGoals. Seriously, if there’s one person that should inspire us to work hard on that body it should be Jenny from The Block. 

Often showcases her ultra-toned arms; lean yet shapely and visibly sculpted arms on Instagram. JLo once shared her at-home workout routine which consists of: a 400m run, 15 kettlebell swings, 10 push-ups, 15 overhead shoulder presses, and 15 bent-over rows. Gasps! 
But to be honest, who really has time for all of that since most of us work 9-5? So, how can you achieve that JLo-worthy toned arms? You can! Truth is, you don’t have to follow her exact workout routine. (But first step, cut that sugar, darlings). Here, we present you: the best arm toning exercise for the busy bee ladies. Beauty Insider’s way. 

Focus On Your Target

Before you begin to run 15 kilometres per day or jump straight into heavy lifting, please keep in mind that you can’t specifically choose or pin point an area that you wish to reduce fat. Yet, you can start by focusing on building the muscles in those areas. The fat will lose naturally once the muscles start pumping in your body. 

In this case, if you’re looking to have sculpted, toned arms, start by creating or incorporating exercise that is equal parts cardio and strength, which will help your blood pumping and flowing throughout the time. We suggest you kick off with high level intensity training. Then slowly adding some trainer moves for building stronger arms. 

The Quick Ways To Lose Arm Fats 

1. Don’t Be Afraid Of Weights 

1. Don’t Be Afraid Of Weights 

Weights lifting are the quickest way to build your arm muscles, thus, eliminating arm fats. So there are no questions on why trainers always include weights under arm exercising. The majority of women are afraid to incorporate weights to their arms exercise, because they’re scared their arms will appear more bulky, let’s debunk those myths, shall we? Adding some tools to your arms exercise are good for your overall arm structure. Watch here:

2. Insert Some Non Weights Too 

Okay, if you’re too lazy to incorporate any tools, you can start off by doing the famous arm circling motions. Study shows that a person who dedicates at least 3 to 5 minutes everyday doing the arm circles and helps reduce arm fats. And remember, quality over quantity. 

To start, lengthen both of your arms, make sure they are straight and stable. Begin rotating forward in a small circle, after a few times, switching the position gently by going backwards. The key is to mimic drawing a medium-sized circle using your armas. Watch here: 

3. Practice Push Ups 

You don’t have to be a gym junkie to understand that press ups—or push ups—are one of the most powerful moves to gain arm strength and slash muscles. Yes, not only they targeted your core and abs, but your arm muscles too. If you do it correctly, you will get fantastic sculpted arms just like J.Lo. Press ups aren’t always easy in the beginning, but once you have mastered the art of it, you will be unstoppable. Practice makes perfect. Watch here: 

5. Yoga And Meditate 

Yoga and meditation are slowly gaining the respect it deserves in the world of exercising. For arm sculpting, we suggest you practice the Chaturanga Dandasana yoga practice at least once a day. This specific yoga post will help strengthen and tone your arms. Begin by placing your body in a plank position, you will find yourself bending your arms together which causes engagement in your muscles to be stronger. Watch here:

6. Do More Cardio 

Cardio is essential for your overall body fat loss, not to mention, fun! Cardio sessions help burn calories and fat faster than any other exercise you can find in the book. Relying heavily on diet and weight lifting alone can’t help achieve the sculpted arms you desire. So start doing more cardios, this will help keep your blood flowing. Watch here:

7. Watch Your Diet

Did you know, according to researchers, 20 young women who disciplined themselves by consuming protein-based only food can help reduce the feeling of constant-hunger, decrease the levels of ghrelin, and reduce belly fat altogether. This totally proves that by eating a protein-based food alone could help to improve your body composition. Food like meat, eggs and poultry are good sources of protein if you’re looking to lose fats. 

I mean, according to J.Lo herself, she once revealed to Hello Magazine that protein is her go-to meal whenever she had cravings. Protein-based food fills her up and keeps her muscle fuel throughout the day. Brb, copying Jennifer!

8. Stay Hydrated! 

Losing weight is all about that H20 life. Make sure you hydrate yourself as often as you can. Especially if you do heavy exercise. Drinking enough water will not only help locking in the moisture in your skin, but they will also help you reduce fat loss. According to Heathline, a person who drinks 16.9 ounces (500 ml) of water increased the metabolic rate by 30%. 

So make sure you feel your body with enough water. Try to cut those sugary and caffeinated beverages for a while. You will notice a huge difference. Not only to your skin but to your mood as well. So let’s switch up your lifestyle habits, shall we? Starting today!

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