Japan IPL Express Singapore, Reviewed!

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As shaving is a big NO-NO, we all opted for waxing. On the other hand, constantly waxing every 4 – 6 weeks can be an agony to some, which is due to the pain as well as the priced paid. However, with the advancement of technology, people all over have started opting for IPL.

What is an IPL?

IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light. It is a therapy that applies gentle pulses of light to the root of the hair to get rid of unwanted hair permanently by retarding its growth. That makes the hair go into its resting phase. With that, the hair that the IPL was applied falls out. Hence, leading to lesser hair growth in that area.

Additionally, IPL is also used to minimise and remove sun damage, age spots, freckles, birthmarks, acne, dark spots, scars, spider veins and broken blood vessels.

How does IPL work?

The reason IPL works is because of the pigment in the hair that is called melanin. The melanin aids the hair in absorbing the light from the pulsed flashes. Therefore, stimulating the hair to go into its resting phase and falling out later on. This then leaves you with smooth and hair-free skin.

About Japan IPL Express

Japan IPL Express is Singapore’s first unisex IPL centre. They pride themselves in offering the most convenient and effective IPL service that is focused on your wants and needs. What’s most unique about Japan IPL Express is that the centre does not believe in appointments or packages.

Therefore, there is no need to schedule future appointments. You could go whenever you want and get what you want as well. Also, they prioritise the highest quality of service along with high hygiene standards to ensure customer satisfaction.


IPL for Permanent Hair Removal

At this centre, the IPL works well with the follicles of the hair in its active growth stage, while the dormant follicles slip by. 2 – 3 weeks after the session, you will notice slower hair growth. Each session results in 25% improvement. Hence, to get 80-100%, you will most likely need about 3 – 4 sessions in total. With this, say goodbye to shaving & waxing!

IPL for Acne

IPL can also be used to treat acne. This can be done without side effects caused by oral acne medications. The light emitted from the device targets and destroys the skin bacteria that is responsible for acne and oil control. Additionally, IPL for acne also aids in preventing future breakouts. What’s more is, at Japan IPL Express, the treatments will be customised to your needs.

IPL for Skin Rejuvenation

With this IPL technology, your skin will be completely rejuvenated. You will no longer need to use foundation or concealer no more. It does not just cover blemishes up, it also helps in treating uneven skin tone and restoring the youthful glow of your skin.

IPL for Hyperpigmentation

The centre uses the IPL treatment directly on the skin to break down excess pigmentation. This will result in a much even skin tone. What’s even better about this treatment is that it is fast, non-invasive and suitable for a vast range of skin pigmentation conditions.

How Many Shots of IPL do I need?

Pricing of Treatments at Japan IPL Express

At just $1.98 a shot, get your IPL treatments at Japan IPL Express today!

Locations of Japan IPL Express

Japan IPL Express has 12 locations across Singapore

  • Orchard – Somerset MRT, B1 – 04
  • Holland Village Branch – Holland Village MRT, #B1-02, 200 Holland Avenue, S(278995)
  • Raffles Place – Raffles Place MRT, #B1-51, S(048618)
  • Esplanade –
  • Esplanade MRT – Esplanade Xchange, #B1-07, S(189562)
  • AMK Hub – AMK Hub Shopping Center, #02-16, S(569933)
  • NEX – NEX Shopping Center, #B2-26, S(556083)
  • Jurong Point 2 – Jurong Point Shopping Centre, J2 #B1-40, S(648886)
  • Century Square – 2 Tampines Central #03-26, S(529509)
  • Westgate – 3 Gateway Drive #04-12 S(608532)
  • Funan Mall – 107 North Bridge Rd, #B2-33 Singapore 179105
  • Waterway Point – 83 Punggol Central, #B1-05, S(828763)
  • White Sands Mall – 1 Pasir Ris Central Street 3, #03-20A, S(518457)

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