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Not Getting Enough Nutrients? These are 10 Beauty Tips for Your Skin

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A great beauty regimen involves more than just use of skincare product. What most people forget is how beauty really actually comes from the inside. Gorgeous smooth, shiny hair, strong nails and glowing youthful skin can be achieved through topical creams, oil, shampoo and what not, but importance of a great diet should not be underestimated. Here are 10 beauty tips for skin through diet you can easily do!

Picking the right foods could change your life forever! Know the ins and outs why these foods are the best for your skin!

Munch on Bright Colored Peppers

Bright colored peppers are commonly overlooked in grocery stores and we don’t know why! Bright colored peppers aren’t only great for adding flavors to your meal, it also have the most concentrated source of Vitamin C in the plant kingdom! A good intake of Vitamin C greatly helps repair and grow healthy tissues in your body, including regeneration of skin cells.

Pick the healthier oil: Olive Oil

Olive oil is a powerful anti-oxidant. It is the best natural source of Vitamin E! Vitamin E promotes healthy growth of hair, skin and nails. While olive oil also has calories, it is still better than most oils. Remember to only use it in moderation also.

Give up the chips and enjoy the berries!

Dark berries to be exact- red, black, and blue. Dark berries has concentrated antioxidants like anthocyanin, quercetin and vitamin c. It also has great amount of fiber that helps promote good health condition. Except the obvious fact that berries are usually good, they are also relatively low in sugar!

Go for dark when it comes to chocolates

It is a widely common known fact- dark chocolate contains antioxidant. Pure cocoa, in fact, is one of the highest-ranking foods on the ORAC scale that has powerful antioxidant! Not only that, dark chocolate is also loaded with magnesium iron and manganese that helps your body in cellular regeneration and stress reduction!

Avoid commercialized tomato paste and look for organic ones!

Tomatoes are famous for having antioxidant carotenoid that is studied to be effective in whitening, anti-aging and protection against skin damage. Pump up your skin cells of new toxins with this sweet vegetable!

Swap your constant corns and breads with muesli!

Muesli can be pretty boring to some, but you can spice it up by combining it with whole grain oats, almonds, berries and other dried fruits of your preference, and even milk! Muesli helps boost intake of essential fats, B vitamins and potent antioxidant. By eating muesli, you can easily see and experience less dry, itchy skin.

The redder the meat the better!

There are a lot of misconceptions about which kind of meat to eat. Truth be told, our bodies need energy. Without red meat, you could experience lack of energy or more days feeling tired and heavy. Also, if you have iron deficiency, you could be very pale or some itchy and cracking skins. This is a sign that you’re not getting enough iron. Remember, the redder the meat, the more iron it contains. The redder the meat, the better!

Salmon your way our of skin diseases

Did you know that salmon lands on top 1 in the list of food that has great source of omega-3 fatty acids? It helps combat chronic skin diseases like psoriasis, eczema, pilaris and acne!

Drink Green Tea! Make sure it’s Matcha.

Nope, Matcha isn’t just a food fad or trend. Green Tea Matcha is actually really good for you. It has powerful antioxidants that help protect your skin from sun damage, and slows onset visible skin aging symptoms.

Chug on Pure Mineral Water

Water is good for you, no contest on that. Skip on the distilled, though and the ones that are kept in plastic containers as much as you could. Look for the ones in glass bottles because these are more likely to contain all the natural skin and body healthy trace nutrients that natural water is supposed to have.