How many of you are familiar with cryo facials? Better known as freezing the heck out of your skin. It is basically a facial procedure but with the lowest celsius temperature. Celebs and supermodel all around the world swear by the treatment. Well, I don’t blame them—dermatologist even explained that cold temperature indeed, does wonders for your skin. It helps reduce fine lines, wrinkles and improve smoothness to your skin. 

And before you go about searching further about these cryo facials, let us save you some time: it is hella expensive. But thanks to Kate Moss, one of the supermodels who swore by cryo facials—revealed a much cheaper alternative for the treatment. It is so cheap that there might not be any cash involved. Just use the usual ice cubes and rub it all across your face and call it a day. 

Now, the only question is, does it deliver the job like the expensive ice treatment? What’s the difference anyway? Does massaging cold ice cubes on our faces help solve most of our skincare concerns? The answer is yes. Read more to find out all the secrets and the science behind rubbing your face with ice. Exclusively, at Beauty Insider

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Get To Know: Skin Icing

As mentioned earlier, Hollywood celebrities and models swear by Cryo facials. But let’s face the music, not all of us can afford such high class treatment. But, the alternative to the treatment is hidden behind your freezer. Truth be told, rubbing ice all over your face or skin, has long been the secret to achieving a glowing complexion.

Remember back in 2014 where everyone went crazy over the refrigerated-spoon trend? Basically, you freeze a spoon overnight, and then place them under your eyes the next morning to get rid of panda eyes. Does it work? It sure does. It’s the same motive behind this rubbing ice cube on your face thingy. There are also various science records backing up this technique. When you place an ice cube directly onto your skin, it triggers the blood systems to arise, thus, immediately soothes and tightens the barriers of your skin. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that, to help your skincare products sink and absorb faster into the deepest layer of your skin is to rub an ice cube beforehand. For example, before you put on your serum, moisturizer and other skincare routine, make sure to give a good amount of ice rub. The capillaries will create a pulling effect and help the ingredients penetrate deeper. This is due to the cooling effect being able to widen up the barrier. 

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The Benefits Of Skin Icing

1. Helps To Soothe Inflammation

There’s a reason why our mothers and school nurses tend to place a packet of ice cubes every time we happen to injure ourselves. It’s the same concept when it comes to the beauty side of ‘’ice dabbing’’. Those of you who are prone to sensitivity like inflammatory, eczema or acne can benefit a lot from this procedure. Cooling therapy has the ability to reduce the inflammation and itchiness. You should try. 

2. Minimize The Appearance Of Pores

One of our biggest enemies: large pores problems. In order to help reduce the appearance of this annoying feature, you can just simply rub an ice cube, anytime of the day. Most large pores occur from debris and excess sebum being stuck underneath the layer of your skin. So, to bid farewell, make sure you’re constantly rubbing ice to your skin. Here’s another hack, for a smoother makeup application, rub ice before putting on the primer. You’ll notice a huge difference in your skin texture! 

3. Helps To Depuff Eyes

Another alternative concept to frozen spoon technique. Just straight away place an ice cube under your eyes to get rid of panda eyes and puffy eyes. But don’t let your skin be exposed to ice cubes for too long. The skin under your eyes happens to be one of the most sensitive parts of your body. We suggest wrapping the ice cubes with a handkerchief or small towels and gently pat it below your eyes area. This will help constrict your blood vessels and reduce puffiness. 

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How To Prepare For Skin Icing

Just fill in your ice tray with water and let it freeze overnight. The usual ones like how you refill your ice tray. Make sure you wash and dry your face cleanly before applying the ice cube. And keep your hands clean too, you don’t want any bacteria or germs spreading all over your face. You can simply add on green tea water or rose water, freeze them overnight and apply it first thing in the morning, the next day. Make sure you wash and dry your face cleanly before applying the ice cube. 

For those of you with oily skin problems, add a little bit of lemon or lime juice into the ice tray after you fill them with water. For any of you dealing with over-excessive sweats, and underarm odour, an ice cube with a hint of lemon can be used as natural antiperspirant remedies. Though, do keep in mind that do not leave your skin exposed to the ice cube for more than 15 minutes. Make sure you monitor the timing. 

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