Skin Goals 2018! Find the Best Skin Care Routine for Every Skin Type

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Any great beauty routine involves skin care. You could be using the best foundation in the world, or the heftiest lipstick there is available, but skin care is the real deal. In fact, it is of utmost importance amongst all the other skin-related regimen there is. If you have great skin, there is very little amount of makeup you would need. To find the best skin care routine, it is important that you know your skin type.

Skin differs from person to person. Every complexion has diverse issues and needs. Dermatologists all over the globe have long found that there are really various skincare routines for each skin type.

Here’s a little something to help you get started with the right skin care routine for your skin type..


best skincare routine

If you usually get that stretchy feeling even after washing up, or experience caking after you have applied your foundation, you are definitely in the dry skin category.

While washing and cleansing your face with moisturizing facial cleansers and washes usually help, over washing your face could be doing more bad than good to your skin. Limiting your face wash could help. If you have already cleansed well the night before, there is actually really no need for you to wash again the next morning.

The best way to battle dry skin is to incorporate an antioxidant, moisturizing serum to your skincare routine. Applying serums like Sothys Intensive Hydrating Serum before any other heavy cream moisturizes before you hit the snack at night could do wonders. You could use the serum both day and night for added moisture without making your face look and feel oily.

At night, your best bet to a less thirsty and healthier skin are oil-based cleanser like Etude House’s Real Art Cleansing Oil Moisture, and soft emollient night creams like Hyalogy P-Effect Nourishing Cream. They are perfect for not only dry skin, but also for calms your sensitive skin against radicals, allergies.

With regular use, your skin will begin to feel less of the unpleasant sensations of a dry skin while making your skin look happier, healthier and glowing.



best skincare routine

Oily skin could be annoying. You tend to wear off makeup easily, and make you feel heavy throughout your day. The good news is, oily skin are manageable if you use the right products and follow a skincare routine that best fit this type of skin.

As a total opposite of dry skin, people with oily skin are recommended to wash their faces more often. Washing your face in the morning is a must if you really want to reduce excess oil and sebum. Sticking to foaming cleansers like Cetaphil Oil Control Foam Wash is the best way to go.

In the evening, you will need to cleanse your face again- what with all the dirt and pollution outside, you could be doing yourself more good than bad with this skincare routine. However during the evening, washing your face has to be followed up with a toner like Dermagold Purifying Toner.

In contrast to popular belief, even oily skinned people still need moisture in their skin. Just because your skin is oily does not necessarily mean you need to stay away from moisturizers. Oil is different from moisture and one should not get that mixed up. A night cream infused with retinoid is a great help to reduce excess oil, you ask your dermatologist for a recommendation about this.



best skincare routine

Combination skin is both dry and oily, mainly depending on the weather. While it is a very flexible type of skin, it could also be a pain the bum because that means you have to ready with 2 different sets of products to use for your skincare regimen during summer and/or during the rainy season.

For regular use, however, combination skin types can rely on a facial wash that has glycolic acid like Mario Badescu’s Glycolic Foaming Cleanser as their morning facial wash. It’s herb-based and has soothing benefits for the skin.

For your nighttime routine, non-medicated face wash like Neutrogena Naturals Multi-Vitamin Nourishing Moisturizer is the best option. Do not skip on the anti-aging serum or cream too. It’s best if you stick to the ones that has peptides like Olay’s Regenerist Cream.

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