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Want Good Skin Care Tips? It’s About Time You Stop Using these 5 Products the Wrong Way!

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We’re sure it has happened to so many of you as it has to us- when you hear all about the new miracle eye cream, or the anti-aging moisturizer that does wonders, or that latest pore filler that makes the skin look flawlessly immaculate… but the moment you get our beauty junkie hands on these products, it seems like nothing really happens or worse, it works totally opposite on your skin. Good skin care tips don’t just fly around the air, after all.

Is it you? Is it the product? Or it is how you use it? This simple guide we’ve come up with will help you realize what’s wrong about your skin care routine!


Toners are great complements to facial cleansers. They help remove dirt and makeup residue that your facial cleansers can wipe out by themselves. However, toners are usually formulated strong. While your eyes are the most sensitive part of your face, it is not the only one that you need to give extra care for. Being gentle with the rest of your face is also imperative.

Instead of rubbing or tugging the toner through the cotton, apply your toner gently by dabbing, patting and sliding onto your skin slowly and lightly.


Anti-acne creams

Most topical anti-acne solutions available in the market are backed by years of research. They are most likely proven to be effective. However, sticking to one that is actually not working for you will not magically work someday. It is important to know when to stop using an anti-acne cream, most especially when it’s doing nothing for you.

If your cream took 10 days to zap a pimple, chances are it didn’t actually do the trick. Most likely, your pimple just went away on its own. Anti-acne creams and gels are created to work quickly.


Cleansing oil

Cleansing oils are made to break down dirt and makeup easier. It’s like a magical invention to give you a totally clean slate that is your face. However, oil and water don’t mix very well. In fact, they do not mix at all.

Let the cleansing oil work its way in your skin and once it has, slightly wetting your fingers and dab onto the rest of your face. Let it simmer for a few seconds and tada! You can easily rinse the dirt away without traces of oil on your skin.


Skin Serums

Basically, serums are super concentrated topical multivitamins for the skin. Application of serums once a day can keep gloomy skin at bay. However, wrong usage of this product can decrease your chances of getting its full potential. It’s a waste of not only your effort and time, but also your money.

To get most of your serums’ benefits, you need to apply your serum before any moisturizer. Moisturizes may act as a blockade on your skin, hence, preventing your skin to absorb anything else.

Serum first, moisturizer second!



Exfoliation is a like your best chance to giving your skin a breath of fresh air. Our skin sheds off thousands of dead skin cells and most of them just lay around and prevents our skin from breathing and absorbing the most of its needed nutrients.

When exfoliating, move your fingers in smaller, tighter circular motions. The key is focusing on areas of the face that are barely cleansed by your cleansing wash such as the nose and its side, the chin, the sides of your mouth and should only be limited to about 1-3 minutes unless you have an oily skin. The more oily your skin is, the more you should spend time exfoliating.

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