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Beauty Magic Wand – The Best Skin Care Treatment at the comfort of your home!

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First, of its kind, this 4-in-1 beauty treatment rejuvenates, whitens, firms and purifies skin, in under 10 minutes – all in the comfort of your home!

Already a hit in Japan with 20,000 sold a month, Miss Arrivo homecare beauty gadget uses unique “Electroporation” technology to effectively deliver exclusively formulated beauty essences into your skin, as well as LED lights technology to turn troubled skin into a beautiful canvas.

LEDs are very small semi-conductors that emit light when a current is passed through it. Specialised therapeutic LED lights that have extra luminescence emitted through very specific wavelengths have been developed exclusively for the Arrivo series of products for the purpose of resolving skin ageing, dullness, dark spot, blemishes and acne problems.

Each wavelength penetrates at different depths, more deeply than laser, but with no skin damage. Unlike laser or IPL, Miss Arrivo LED photo-therapy is non-invasive and non-thermal, so there is no damage to skin after treatments and can be used daily.

Miss Arrivo features four different machine functions in one nifty beauty gadget:

1 Electroporation (Ep)

“Aids in Absorption of Essence into Your Skin”

Aid in absorption of essence of skin. But their unique “Electroporation” technology delivers these beauty ingredients directly and effectively to the inner layer of skin by opening up pores temporarily. This “Electro-Ultra-Pulse-Poration” method improves the macromolecular components penetration rate significantly without any painful sensations, similar to collagen injections without a needle.

2 Light Emitting Diode Phototherapy (LED)

“Phototherapy for Skin Rejuvenation & Acne Problems”

Using three specialised sensitive LED lights developed for this device; BLUE LED therapy acts on acne by killing the bacteria and controlling oily skin, RED LED therapy acts on wrinkles and tired skin by rejuvenating the skin texture and tone while YELLOW LED acts on dark spots and dull skin by inhibiting melanin production and improving circulation, giving you bright and transparent skin.

3 Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS)

“Skin Firmness, Restore Suppleness & Elasticity”

Using four elements and a special pulse system, the electrical AC current flows at 90,000 times per second (90 kHz), creating microwaves. These gentle microwaves generate muscular motion that leads to improved elasticity, firmness and suppleness on the skin.

4 Radio Frequency – High Frequency Waves (RF)

“Creates Youthful Looking Skin”

The RF generates internal heat which activates skin cells, causing collagen fibers to contract and stimulate the reproduction of collagen, resulting in visible skin tightening, lifting and rejuvenation.

Each treatment comes with its own customised serum for improved efficacy. You can also use your own beauty essence if you prefer. To be incorporated into your daily beauty regime, the entire Miss Arrivo treatment takes only 10 minutes and is a safe and effective use of advanced “Ultra Pulse LED-Poration” technology. With regular use, it will diminish the visible appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, dullness and acne on the face and neck with its 4-in-1 function – resulting in skin that is smoother, tighter and more radiant.

The doctors’ choice:

“Daily skin care is important for skin aging problem. The Arrivo series beauty product designed for home use which equipped with LED function is to resolve this problem. Also the Electroporation function delivers beauty ingredients to the inner layers of the skin by opening up the pores temporarily and the EMS is effective in firming the skin.

The beautifying effect is immediate due to its ability to activate the skin cells using high-frequency waves. This Ultra-Pulse LED-Poration technology is indeed revolutionary.” — Dr Yutaka Yamamoto, Yamamoto Clinic – Skin Care & Aesthetic Surgery, Chairman of Japan Society of Clinical Anti-Aging Medicine.

Miss Arrivo & Arrivo series devices are exclusively sold at IONiaga Pte Ltd and authorised retail outlets.

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