The Lunchtime V Shape Makeover Everyone’s Talking about!

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Everyone from Lee BoYoung to Kim JiWon and even local influencers such as XiaXue and Nicole Choo have raved about the newest crave: a V-Shape face. However, most of these treatments are surgical in nature and require a long downtime process after. Beauty Insider introduces the non-invasive and effective aesthetic treatment: the HIFU V Sculpting Treatment by SL Aesthetic Clinic.

I’m Only 30 Why is My Skin Saggy?


Asian skin in particular, generally does not show signs of ageing as quickly as Caucasian skin. That is why even the aunties who shove you on the MRT seem to have smooth and bright skin.

However, have you ever noticed saggy, drooping cheeks on your grandma during Chinese New Year? Worried about the same effect on your face? A study done in Korea, found that collagen production in Asian women dramatically lowers from 35 onwards. Collagen directly affects elasticity which results in sagging chins and dropping cheeks.

Another major factor that contributes to ageing is a lack of hydration. Being stuck in an aircon room at the office all day sure is not helping you achieve the V Shape face you have always wanted. That is why often many celebrities have resorted to getting surgeries to fix the problem.

But Face Surgery Sounds Painful!


Exactly! Which is why many of us simply live with our saggy skin that only gets worse with age. Introducing the completely non-surgical and non-invasive procedure by SL Aesthetic Clinic. The High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) is a safe and painless facial procedure that uses the power of ultrasound technology to cause tissue to tighten. Very simply put, this heating solution promotes fast collagen growth as well as makes the appearance of certain areas to be lifted.

Can I see Results Immediately?

Yes The pictures below speak for themselves!

SL Clinic
SL Clinic – Image Credit Ms TamChiak

What are the Benefits of HIFU V Sculpting Treatment?

  • Non-invasive and Non Surgical (No injections or surgeries!)
  • Lift, tone loose skin immediately
  • Works on multiple areas including brows, double chin, neck, décolletage and even buttocks
  • Reduce appearance of fine lines and sharpens face to create V-Shape
  • No painful side-effects though slight aching is normal
  • Immediate results and little downtime
  • Suitable for anyone except pregnant women or cardiac pacemaker patients
  • Toning and lifting continues to occur 3-6 months after the treatment

What can SL Aesthetic Clinic do for You

Aesthetic treatments are tricky and need to be done by doctors you trust. With celebrity clients, SL Clinic can certify their credentials as a credited establishment. Not every clinic out there can do the same.This is why, it is important to rely on clinics that have tried and trusted results. Much like going back to your favourite hair stylist or manicurist, an aesthetic treatment is far more important to find the right fit for you. Do your consult your doctor before trying any aesthetic treatment to figure out which is the best treatment for your particular needs.

Price: $1500 (1-3 treatments are preferred to see optimum results

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