With over thousands of reviews on its official website and another hundreds of comments supporting it on TikTok, I think we all can agree that this Saie Hydrabeam Sheer Brightening Under Eye Concealer is currently taking the beauty industry by storm. Seriously, the amount of videos I’ve stumbled across that Gen Z platform talking about how this concealer is perfect for summer glow, I’d be a millionaire. 

“Why did this just change my life?” beauty content creator Mikayla Nogueira reviewed her first Saie’s viral Hydrabeam on TikTok—highlighting that she’d found her favourite under eye product of a lifetime. “I’ve never enjoyed a concealer as much as this,” she went on. Simply put, a rave from Mikayla Nogueira, Gen Z’s reigning cosmetics queen, is no easy task. But Hydrabeam has sparked the same excitement throughout the platform—and now we know what all the commotion is about. Let’s clarify a few things though, Hydrabeam has been a tremendous phenomenon in only a few short weeks.

Saie has emerged as a key player in the clean beauty space over the last two years, delivering a bevy of cult-favourite and skin radiant products. From its Slip Tint SPF moisturiser to its Glowy Super Gel illuminator—which erase the basic boundary between makeup products and skin care goods. Its most recent product, a clean concealer made in the very same ethos, is nor become one of the most sought after products by the millennials. 

Another important facet of Hydrabeam is its silky, weightless finish, which is provided by its distinctive fluffy gel texture, and glides perfectly in as you use it. Even over dry spots or small wrinkles. 

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One of the old school methods I like to apply when using any concealer, is to apply it using the soft doe applicator tip and then blend it in with my fingertips. When I do this as per TikTok’s so-called face-lifting concealer technique, (which to be honest was Makeup by Mario’s technique) focusing the inner and outer edges of the brows and the margins of the lips, my face comes to life. The technique will immediately lift your sculpted figure, almost as if you applied a beautifying editor to it. 

Now back onto the Saie Hydrabeam Sheer Brightening Under Eye Concealer, as Mikayla Nogueira emphasises, the concealer is super super moisturising, with ingredients like squalene, glycerin, and tomato extract creating a smoother, plumper complexion while also keeping the under-eye region radiant for longer. So if you have dry skin, this concealer is heaven-sent for you. 

“If you have dry under eyes…oh, oh, oh!” During her review, Mikayla Nogueira busted out laughing. Kim Spader, a TikTok beauty influencer known for her 40+ cosmetic knowledge, complimented it as the ultimate concealer for older skin. “It’s brightening and moisturising, and it’s everything I need for my under eyes,” she adds. 

To wrap it up, I think we all can agree that this concealer delivers its job as the beauty creator on TikTok assumes it to be. However, this concealer is not available (just yet) in the Asian market. So the least we at Beauty Insider do is to find an alternative. Best believe, these concealers are as badass as Saie’s Hydrabeam Sheer Concealer. 

Best Concealer Alternatives In Singapore

1. Maybelline Makeup Instant Age Rewind Concealer

Dark eye circles are no match for this concealer. A cult classic concealer, this concealer delivers medium to full coverage to instantly erase fine lines and dark under-eyes. This concealer can also conceal hard-to-reach areas under the eyes, thanks to its Micro-Corrector sponge applicator. Even Tati Westbrook approves of this concealer!

Here is why we love this product:

  • Super-light texture
  • Blends out easily 
  • Medium coverage

With over a whopping 40,000 glowing reviews, this concealer is a must-have to add to your beauty routine. Plus, this concealer does not cake up or crease on the skin, so you can bet on using this on a hot and humid day.

Price: $19.90 at Watsons

2. Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Concealer

Pro Filt'r Instant Retouch Concealer — #340 | Fenty Beauty – Fenty Beauty +  Fenty Skin

Get that #nofilter look in real life. This concealer is your solution to brightening up dark eye circles and concealing everything you do not want on your skin. With its easy buildability and high coverage, this concealer retouches your skin and leaves it with a soft matte finish that will make you photo-ready at any time.

Here is why we love this product:

  • Light-as-air texture
  • Sweat-resistant (Singapore’s humid weather does not stand a chance)
  • Medium to full coverage

With its crease-proof formula, long-lasting formula and high coverage, there is nothing this concealer cannot do for your skin. Also, it comes in 50 shades, so there is definitely one that matches you perfectly.

Price: $38 at Sephora

3. Tarte Shape Tape Contour Concealer

Tarte’s Shape Tape Contour Concealer is infused with shea butter, mango seed and liquorice root which nourishes the delicate underage as well as brightens it. Not only does this Tarte Contour Concealer can also be used on the eyelids as an eyeshadow primer.

Here is why we love this product:

  • Get full coverage with a flawless matte finish
  • It is creamy, easy-to-blend formula won’t flake or crease
  • Free from Parabens, Mineral Oil, Phthalates, Triclosan, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, Gluten

If you are looking to get rid of midday shine, look no further than this concealer. Plus, it has been well received by reviewers for its seamless blending powers and full coverage.

Price: $47 at Sephora

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