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Interview: Truly Enamoured On Bridal Trends And What Every Bride-To-Be Needs

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Getting hitched? Or just speculating you’ll have an engagement ring on soon? Either way, if you’re beginning the hunt for the perfect wedding dress, you’ll want to make a trip to Truly Enamoured. Anyone who’s been wedding dress shopping can attest to the fact that it isn’t simple to narrow it down to “the one.” We turned to Linda from the bridal salon to discuss New York Bridal Week, style tips, what their plans are and so forth. “We started our very own label this year, Maison,” Linda tells us. “We are very focused now on developing our own evening looks for brides that can embody more of our style.”

Ahead, gorgeous photos from their Parisian inspired loft space at Oxyley Tower, which boasts fairytale-esque touches for an elevated experience for their brides, espresso and artisanal rose tea from their coffee bar, and of course, head-turning curated selection of wedding dresses.

If you need more inspiration for where to begin on your search for the perfect wedding dress, you can sift through the Truly Enamoured’s Instagram feed. 

Truly Enamoured

Beauty Insider: When you were launching Truly Enamoured, did you expect it to grow to this large and loyal following today?

Linda: We began with a Fine Art aesthetic in mind for the brand, which was difficult to achieve with so few Fine Art photographers in the local scene. Having such a supportive following on our social pages today is unexpected! Sometimes I’ve stopped and been like, “We feel very blessed!

Beauty Insider: What are some things you do to get inspiration and kickstart your creative process?

Linda: Lots of research on the latest looks, and archives from past designers.  And even from weddings by stylists we love.

Beauty Insider: What advice would you give to a bride who is just starting the hunt for her wedding dress?

Linda: Focus on quality, style of the gown, and not the quantity.

Truly Enamoured

Beauty Insider: Can you describe a Truly Enamoured Bride?

Linda: The TE bride is the modern, elegant, sophisticated set of brides who appreciate couture quality and the genuine services we offer.

Beauty Insider: Truly Enamoured curates many international designer gowns. What are some of your favourite pieces you’ve brought in this year?

Linda: Liz Martinez pieces speak more to me, for its designs of delicateness and femininity. I really like the Clara gown which features butterfly appliques, which I think is something different from what we have been seeing coming out from the Israeli bridal couturiers.

Truly Enamoured

Beauty Insider: What’s the biggest beauty secret you’ve learned in the bridal industry?

Linda: Byebra, NuBra and Spanx shapewear are extremely helpful for better fits for bridal gowns.
Our Beauty partners often share beauty tips for makeup and hair, such as dry shampoo and texturizing spray for that natural textured hairstyle!

Beauty Insider: What is your interpretation of bridal beauty?

Linda: Let your natural beauty shine! Enhancing natural beauty that is organic and brings out the bride’s personality and inner beauty!

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