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Urban Decay Reveals A Collection Inspired By The Iconic Singer, Prince

By: Balqis Ariffin / May 17, 2021
Categories : Beauty News, Makeup

We don’t know about you but this month has been full of surprises with new beauty launches as well as makeup collaboration that make us squealed with joy. Surprisingly, the cult favorite makeup brand, Urban Decay has dropped a major collection and the hint is Purple Rain. Did you guess it right? Yes, Urban Decay launches a limited-edition capsule collection inspired by Prince, and Beauty Insider has all the details.

The makeup collection is created with a collaboration between Prince’s estate, Urban Decay and Damaris Lewis, the late musician’s muse and close friend. It includes all the necessary items that you need to recreate Prince’s iconic look and comprises the eyeshadow pallets, eyeliner, liquid highlighter, makeup brush, and setting powder. The packaging is designed in a signature purple color and embossed in Love Symbol as a nod to the singer’s legacy.

The U Got the Look Eye Shadow Palette and Let’s Go Crazy Eye Shadow Palette feature 10 shades that are named after the Prince’s hit songs like Raspberry Beret, Groovy Potential, and Get Yo Groove On. It has a mirror and a close-up photo of Prince’s eye on both sides. If you are into vibrant hues of purple, pink, and blue, the Let’s Go Crazy Eye Shadow Palette is the perfect choice for you. With its buttery texture and pigmented color, you will definitely look gorgeous and it contains all the essential shades to recreate Prince’s signature smoky eyes.

The Kajal Eyeliners are available in two shades, So Dark which is a classic black eyeliner and When Doves Cry, a white eyeliner. You can use the When Doves Cry to create an illusion of bigger eyes, whereas the So Dark is a must-have eyeliner to transform your look with the iconic Prince’s eyeliner wings. The All Nighter Powder is inspired by the memory that Damaris Lewis has with Prince in 2014 and it features a light pigmented powder that is finely milled and lightweight.

Formulated with shea butter and small flecks of gold glitter, the Liquid Highlighter delivers a subtle highlight that makes you pop as well as keeps your skin hydrated throughout the day. Simply apply it to your cheekbones, shoulders, and collarbone for a bolder look that will definitely make heads turn in a good way! Next the Multitasker Brush has a dense bristle that is multipurpose and you can use it to contour, highlight and the list goes on! Plus, the makeup brush has a small gap in the center to allow you easily squeeze the product directly into the bristle.

The Urban Decay x Prince makeup collection is available for pre-order on May 21 and on sale this May 27 at Urban Decay’s website.