World First Collagen Skin Care designed for Skin Allergy: NeoSilk’s Frais Vent Skincare Line

By: Kay Chieng / June 21, 2018

When facing life’s pursuits, nothing sets the stage perfectly for you than an empowering advice or talk with your family and friends. Sometimes, though, all it takes is the right set of skincare to tell the world you can face anything life throws at you.

For decades, women suffer from various skin diseases and allergies. Neosilk, a Japanese brand with the world’s first HITO Collagen, empowers women of the world through providing freedom from skin diseases and allergies with their Frais Vent skincare line.

HITO collagen, or sometimes referred to, as human collagen is a collagen extract refined from silkworm cocoon that is scientifically proven to be favourably safe. It is called human collagen because it is the first and only technology that produces the kind of collagen with amino acids same as the human skin has.

Frais Vent products from Neosilk are thoroughly checked and tested in Japan standards, a country famous for its unparalleled, cutting-edge and safe technology. All Frais Vent products contain HITO collagen and provide long-lasting effects and have great compatibility with the human skin, regardless of skin type and skin tone perfect for use for both morning and night time.

Neosilk’s Frais Vent line includes Mild Cleansing Cleanser perfect for removing makeup and excessive oil, Mild Wash that comes in a fluffy foam texture perfect for removing dirt, 2-in-1 Lotion and Toner for skin prep, texture betterment and betters skin penetration for other products. Their Essence provides intensive anti-ageing effects, while their Cream Moisturizer combats even the driest of the dry skin. Their All-in-one Gel delivers added moisture after washing and cleansing the face, plumps and enhances skin condition in an instant that makes the skin look more radiant and younger! Frais Vent Neosilk BB Cream, the only makeup and skincare product amongst the entire product line, is a day moisturizer and a versatile foundation rolled into one bottle. It is gentle to the skin whilst offering buildable coverage for unwanted spots, marks and scars

Now, there is no need to ransack through makeup and skincare store shelves with Frais Vent Neosilk around. It is the perfect and complete skincare and makeup range that actually works well for allergies!

There are more to these wonderful things about Frais Vent Neosilk products. All products are never derived from animals, it’s alcohol-free, paraben free, contains zero mineral oil, and zero colourants and contains no chemical fragrance that makes it the ideal set of makeup and skincare for sensitive skin types!

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