10 Habits of Women With Pretty and Strong Nails

10 Habits of Women With Pretty and Strong Nails

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Some women have fabulous and pretty and strong nails. It is something that other women are secretly jealous of. Like, of all the work and chores, how do they keep theirs nice with or without nail polish?


Lucky you, because we’re going to reveal all their secrets in this blog post. Their nail care tips are so simple—we are sure you can add them instantly to your beauty regimen.


So listen up, girls! Here are the 10 habits of women with nice nails:


She keeps her hands clean

Make sure your nails and the skin around it are clean and dirt-free. Remove all traces of your previous polish with an acetone-free remover. After that, wash your hands with soap and water. Use an old toothbrush to lightly scrub and exfoliate the areas around your nails.


She trims regularly

It is best to clip your nails every two weeks, adjusting depending on how fast your nails grow. Avoid using metal nail tools to clean the dirt out of your nails. Too much digging and pressure from it might separate the nail plate from the skin.


She is practical

Don’t keep your nails long if you can’t maintain it. Cut it short and round up the edges of each nail. This makes your nail neat and easy to manage. Plus, you don’t have to worry about your nails obstructing you from your daily activities.


10 Habits of Women With Pretty and Strong Nails


She owns a handy nail file

Keep a nail file within your reach. Use it to smoothen the edges of your torn and irregularly cut nails. Keep your nail file together with your clean and disinfected nail tools. Replace your nail file regularly. If it is tattered, it won’t smoothen the worn out edges efficiently.


She doesn’t cut her cuticles

The cuticles seal the base of the nail. Removing it will break the seal of protection and will make that area vulnerable to infections. So, leave it alone. Don’t push it too hard during your manicure and pedicure session.


She never forgets the base and top coat

Applying the base and top coating are the unmissable parts of painting your nails. The base coat will protect your nail from the intense chemicals and colouring of the nail lacquer. On the other hand, the top coat will seal the polish in place. It will also prevent early chipping. Both coats will stretch the life of your nail polish (especially if it is nail art).


10 Habits of Women With Pretty and Strong Nails


She makes sure of the nail products she buys

Take time to read the labels of all the nail products you buy. Stay away from products with toxic chemical ingredients such as dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde, and toluene. These toxins cause nail brittleness, splitting, and cracking.


She doesn’t always wear nail polish

It is important to give your nails a break. Perhaps a day or two without nail colour is enough to let your nails rest and repair itself from all the strong polish. If you don’t, your nails might dry out, weaken, and appear yellowish. That looks unhealthy and you don’t want that.


She never skips the moisturiser

This is to keep your nails hydrated. It’s best to apply a moisturising hand cream before you go to bed. That way, the nutrients can work on your skin and nail area while you’re sleeping. Make it a habit to get strong nails! 

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