4 Best Eyebrow Embroidery Salons To Keep Your Brows On Fleek!

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Struggling with sparse brows? Eyebrow embroidery seems to have taken the beauty world by storm. Don’t fall behind on this trend and say goodbye to sad brows for life by trying out eyebrow embroidery for yourself!

However, when it comes to salons, its hard we at Beauty Insider understand your struggle. We’re making your decision easier by curating our top eyebrow embroidery salons that are sure to get you to spread the word to your friends!

Avone Beauty Secrets

This breakthrough procedure is the result of extensive research and technology. Avone Beauty Secrets has gained recognition for its new technique in eyebrow embroidery.

The 9V technique is both gentle yet long lasting and claims to be completely painless. To demonstrate exactly how quick and gentle the procedure is, a beautician even practised on a balloon!

Swelling only lasts for up to 48 hours and the results can be witnessed immediately. With research done in conjunction with the International Semi-Permanent Association in Korea, Avone Beauty Secrets certainly stands out.

Unlike other salons that take a couple of days to develop, 9V guarantees instant results. The embroidery itself lasts for up to 4-6months but Avone Beauty Secrets has a special promotion. A unique package guarantees your satisfaction with unlimited touchups for up to 2 years. Is the painless procedure sounding too good to be true? Then head down and try it our for yourself! We are certain you’ll come back for more.

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Dr Beauty

Founded in 2009, it has been a pioneer for eyebrow embroidery for almost a decade.  It boasts advanced technology yet timeless shades hailing from both Asia and Europe. Dr Beauty assures an easy procedure with minimal discomfort that is not only easy to care for but also long lasting.

The reason why Dr Beauty stands out amidst a competitive beauty arena is their lovely customer service. Often salons tend to be an intimidating experience but Dr Beauty is committed to individual customer satisfaction. Expect no harsh treatment or hard-selling. Instead, be welcomes into a haven of beauty secrets that are now at your fingertips.

Winner of Beauty Insider’s 2018 Best Lash Awards, Dr Beauty is a trusted brand with proven results. Also we have the exclusive inside scoop for Beauty Insider’s readers. For a limited time only Dr Beauty is having massive discounts for both their eyelash extensions and eyebrow embroidery services. Get 2 sessions at 30% off and 1 session at 20% off. Hurry! Don’t wait until the offer runs out. Grab your girlfriends and try out this new trend that you’re sure to love.

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With its roots at Far East Plaza, home of all things beauty, Milly’s is a homegrown brand that has made a name for itself amidst stiff competition. Its eyebrow embroidery services have been raved about by bloggers online and regular customers alike.

It’s 6D innovative eyebrow stroke helps follow the shape of your brows to create a defined yet natural brow. Though the effects vary from customer to customer it is said to last for at least 2 years with the effects fading over time. The pigment used in colouring is entirely non-toxic and organic made using plant extracts. The entire process takes about 2-3 hours. The beauty aesthetician caters to your individual liking with a consultation prior to the eyebrow embroidery. Try it for yourself! With minimal discomfort and a week for healing to take place, eyebrow embroidery might just be for you.

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Private Room

Private Room is a famous name in the beauty industry and has been a player in the game for a long time now. With its commitment to customer satisfaction and its rave reviews online, it is definitely one for our books here at Beauty Insider. It’s unique approach to pre party beauty care allows it to be a fun-filled adventure to try out with your friends!

Their eyebrow embroidery packages range from $680 to $1288 depending on the type and style you prefer. Take caution that first time customers might experience a little pain at first. However with time your skin gets used to the reaction and heals quicker and more naturally each time.

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