Get The Moschino x H&M Look With Affordable Makeup From Watsons this 11.11!

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The much anticipated launch of the new Moschino x H&M Collection on Nov 8 is fast selling out! Since the Balmain collaboration in 2015, H&M has slipped under the radar. However, this collection proves that they had something great under their sleeves. Covering everything from Mickey Mouse sweater dresses to crystal encrusted bustier, the release of the collection seems to only have escalated the online frenzy.

With the loud pieces and bold statements found in Moschino x H&M, makeup looks tend to stay subtle and classic. Beauty Insider’s got you covered. After you have gone broke from spending your money on these fabulous looks, you can stay trendy with extremely affordable makeup from Watsons Singapore!

The Classic Red Lip

Complementing an elaborate outfit with a classic red lippie is a tried and tested method to show yourself off. Unfortunately, finding a reasonably priced red lipstick is not always easy task. Watsons Singapore has the answer to all your problems.

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet

18 Its Redding Men, $11

This baby stays on all night- and we mean all night. Past dinner, all through cocktails and even after the long goodnight kiss with your boyfriend in the Grab home- Bourjois will prove its worth. This lipstick will be a definite repurchase and a staple in your purse.

The only accessory you need to make you feel confident yet flirty while you show yourself off in your new gear from Moschino x H&M.

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A Dewy Highlight

The perfect accessory to any outfit is fabulous skin. But we don’t always have the luxury for an hour long facial, so fake it ’til you make it right girls? Watsons Singapore has a wide collection of dewy highlighters for every skin tone. Here are some of our favourites.

Wet N Wild Megaglo Highlighting Powder

Precious Petals, $16.90

Back by popular demand, this highlighter form Wet N Wild is a classic. Populated by Youtubers online, it provides just the right amount of shimmer for a subtle dewy finish. Look natural under the sunlight with this shimmery highlighter.

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Max Factor

Max Factor Miracle Glow Duo 20 Medium, $20.90

This highlight is a classic and with the 11.11 sale expect to make an awesome deal on your purchase! Suited for darker skin tones, this highlight comes will leave you strobed up for that night time selfie. The trick is in its creamy finish. The highlight goes on smoothly with your fingers and easily blends to create a buildable foundation for your perfect finish.

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Bold Brows

2017’s trend of a defined brow definitely cemented itself this year. Perfect brows are just a couple of strokes away with the right tool. Watsons Singapore has a wide selection of affordable eyebrow products. From powders to creamy pencil applicators, we’ve got something for everyone.

KATE Designing Eyebrow 3D $20.50

This multiple purpose eyebrow powder palette can act as a eyeshadow to create a subtle contour around your eyes. A favourite amongst most asian Instagram influencers, this palette does the job well. Its a staple in most makeup pouches and seems to be a popular repurchase and Watson’s best selling item since its introduction.

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Bourjois Sourcil precision eyebrow Pencil


If pencil your preferred choice then check out this product that retails at under $16 online at Watsons Singapore. The brow brush on the top is a basic yet essential tool to keeping your tiny hairs in order. The formula is creamy yet subtle and blends in easily with your current brows. This product helps you create a bold brow easily while maintaining a natural looking eyebrow.

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Rimmel Brow This Way Fiber Pencil


Retailing under $10 this pencil will be the saviour of your brows! Its basic approach helps you be creative with the way you choose to use it. Easy to use, quick to apply nothing much needs to be said about this eyebrow pencil except: Get it!

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Watson’s Singapore is having a massive promotion for this weekend’s 11.11 Sale! From 8 Nov -12 Nov save up to 65% off your favourite products. Hurry these discounts are exclusively online so grab your credit and start shopping now!

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