best sephora products for men

5 Best Sephora Products for Men

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Treat your guy to these grooming essentials. We look at the best Sephora products in Singapore – based on customer reviews, price, and what we know guys will really use.

Hanz De Fuko Gravity Paste

It’s one of the best Sephora products for men in Singapore! Your guy can achieve any hairstyle with this high-hold paste. It also delivers medium-shine – just enough to make hair look healthy, but not over-the-top glossy.

“My husband who is picky with hair wax, really loves it. It has just right amount of hold without being too stiff or sticky, and has pleasant scent. Great for men with short thick hair who needs definition without stiffness,” says one beauty review.

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Sephora Collection Shaving Brush

This is one of the bestselling Sephora brand products. Your guy can instantly create a rich lather for his shave. That means he can get a closer shave without any irritation or cuts. And while it’s not cheap — $56 – now you can snag this at 60% off! Yes, it’s now just $22.60 dollars. Not a bad deal for one of the best Sephora men’s products!

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Clinique For Men Anti-Fatigue Eye Gel

Clinique For Men Anti-Fatigue Gel

This is the perfect gift for guys who spend the whole day working at their laptops (and then go home and spend the whole night watching movies or playing video games).

The winning eyecream formula fights dark circles and fine lines, and the cool metal ball applicator helps reduce puffiness. And it feels amazing on tired eyes! Put this in the refrigerator for an instant burst of cooling freshness whenever you need it.

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Versace Eau Fraiche Eau de Toilette

If you’re wondering what perfume to buy in Sephora, this is a safe bet. It’s a fresh, light version of the bestselling men’s perfume Versace Man. The clean, citrusy scent is perfect for every day – whether he’s going to the office, or whisking you off on a romantic date. Since it’s a very light fragrance, he can reapply during the day without overdoing the scent.

“My boyfriend doesn’t like heavy scents especially on hot days. This is the only perfume that he actually finished down to the last drop in the bottle,” says one perfume review.

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Mario Badescu Drying Mask

If your guy has oily, acne-prone skin (and is too lazy to go to a dermatologist) then this is a great gift. It dries up pimples – even body acne – and also control greasiness.

“I bought this for my boyfriend because he always gets pimples around his forehead, especially since he’s always putting hair products on his bangs,” says one skincare review. “When we hang out on weekends, I’ll put on a face mask and he’ll put on this drying mask, and we both do our skincare thing while watching Netflix. It’s become part of our routine.”

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