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5-Minute Hairstyles You Can Do If You Have Medium Cut Hair

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Our country lies in Southeast Asia where it’s always mind-numbingly hot and humid outside. If you’re always on-the-go and your hair is probably the last thing you fix in the morning, it’s best to get a medium length haircut. A shoulder length hair is more manageable when you style it.


But, what if you’re having a rough day and you got no time to style your short hair? Or, what if you’re feeling good but you’re too lazy to fix your hairdo?


We all have days like that. Don’t worry, we at Beauty Insider got you covered! We got you several five-minute hairstyles which you can do to your crowning glory. These are perfect for your busy weekdays and your lazy weekends:


Effortless Knots and Braids


In this video from Youtuber Patry Jordan, she shows you three hairstyles which involve small knots and braids. She only styles the top front area of her hair because that’s the first thing that people see. You will only need a couple of hairpins, elastics, a brush, and a spritz of hairspray to do these:



Voluminous Braids and Curls


The hairstyles shown in this video works best for a person who wants to control her hair’s sexy waves. These are undeniably cute—you can wear them to the office or to a night out with your girls. The best part? We’re sure you can still do these hairstyles when your hair grows longer!



Straight to School or Work


In this video, Youtuber MsLaBelleMell does neat hairstyles which you can wear to school or to work. She shows the quickest way to be sophisticated. If you have a meeting in 15 minutes, you can still do any of the hairstyles she did! 🙂



These hairstyles are easy, but you still need to practice doing it to get it done under five minutes. It’s not really time-efficient if you watch tutorials right before you style your hair. Start practising this weekend or later before you head out of the office. 🙂


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