How to Get a Hair Flippin' Best Salon Experience

How to Get a Hair Flippin’ Salon Experience

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We all fell to the reality vs. expectation bait. For example, a salon’s ad looked awesome in the poster but it looked terrible on you. Maybe you wanted a Zoe Tay-inspired haircut but the haircut went wrong. You end up disappointed because you don’t like your new hairdo and you didn’t get the best salon treatment that you deserve. 


There is a way to keep this from happening again. We at Beauty Insider created an ideal way of communicating with your hairstylist. Through this, no girl (or boy) will go home with the hairdo they don’t like. Let us start!


Set an appointment and arrive on time


First things first. Look for the best salon and set an appointment. You love being spontaneous and that’s absolutely fine, but you might end up in a salon’s wait list if you suddenly show up at hair salons. Waiting is not okay, especially if you’ve got lots of other tasks to finish. 


Good thing, most salons in Singapore enables you to book their services ahead of time. Call their number, send them an email, or a personal message to any of their social media accounts. Getting in touch with the salon near you also gives you time to review their previous creations. You’ll be able to assess if the salon has top stylists who can give the instagrammable hairdo that you can show the world.


How to Get a Hair Flippin' Best Salon Experience


Once you’ve booked your appointment, make sure that you arrive at least 10-15 minutes before your schedule. All appointments are time-structured from thorough shampooing, conditioning, and some hair care consultations. Arriving on time enables you to avail all these services. 


Prep yourself


A trip to the salon is not an excuse to avoid cleaning your hair. Don’t show up like you just woke up or haven’t shampooed for a long time, girl!


Come in the salon with a decent look and a clean hair. Use a clarifying shampoo to wash all the residues of hair products before you go to the salon. It is a must to have a clean, chemical-free hair before any hair treatment or colouring. The dye or formula penetrates better since no oil, dirt or product build-ups can hurdle its way into the strands.



Moreover, showing up with your usual getup also gives your stylist an idea of how you look every day. That helps them match your hair with your lifestyle.  


Remember that you booked a stylist, not a magician


To avoid hair salon disappointments, set realistic hair goals. Communicate your preferred look to your stylist. Tell them your expectations—a hair that slims the face, straight but not dry, or curly but manageable. Brief your stylist properly and you won’t hate the style they’ll come up with. If it helps, show them a photo of your desired look. 


Another thing is, do not be afraid to speak out and communicate your worries and fears about the haircut or treatment. Your stylist should be able to explain and clear your worries for you. If not, they should offer an alternative to the look you want


How to Get a Hair Flippin' Best Salon Experience


Let the professionals do their job 


Trust your hairstylist. You went to their salon and asked for their service, so let them do their job. These are professionals who’ve undergone training,  therefore they know what they’re doing.


Now, there are instances of people going to the salon with a weirdly chopped hair. Turns out, they were uncertain about DIYing their haircut but went with it anyway. They had a hilarious hair disaster and they want the stylist to salvage their look. If this is your case, leave it to the stylist. They might shake their heads but they will surely find a way to make this hair work. Just sit back, relax, and wait for the outcome.


Visit regularly for a trim


This is a must if you want to keep your hair in excellent condition. People who have undergone hair treatments and colouring should come back to the salon for touch ups. A regular trim will also stop the split ends from becoming worse. Remember, a good haircut and high-quality hair dye fade, so maintain it to keep the *oomph*.


How to Get a Hair Flippin' Best Salon Experience


Being a loyal salon customer is good too. The stylist will get to know you and treat you like a friend. Who knows, you might get freebies and discounts from them. not to mention, you won’t worry about communicating with them every time you’re getting a hair makeover. 🙂


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