best beauty tips for face, natural beauty secrets

Best Beauty Tips Ever Straight From Beauty Gurus

We all know these people’s worth and we follow their accounts for a reason.

In addition to an unfathomable amount of Youtube subscribers and combined Instagram following, here are surefire beauty tips straight from these experienced influencers in the industry.

Mastering the Art of Oils

best beauty tips for face, natural beauty secrets

The longtime vlogger is a fan of incorporating oils into her skin and hair care routines, she also recommends mixing a few drops of face oil into the foundation for a flawless finish and to give the skin ‘extra luminosity’.

In one of her videos, she shared how to master the art of oils where she covered different types of oil and different techniques for hair, face, body and overall health. She also shares coconut oil is what she’s using for her coarse and untameable hair. It instantly gives moisture and shine. She also adds a DIY hair mask for common TLC mixing castor, coconut and olive oil together in her favorite conditioner.

One of her favorite ways to remove her makeup without removing her skin’s moisture is by using a cleansing oil. You can either use it as a makeup base or mix it with your foundation if you have dry skin to provide a flawless application.

Highlighters Extra Glow

When it comes to primers, Smashbox Cosmetics know more than a thing or two about prepping the skin to make sure we have a beautiful canvas to apply our foundation on. In her March ‘ favorites’ video, the English vlogger who goes by Zoe Sugg, mentions a unique technique to amplify your highlight. After applying highlighter on her cheekbones, she sprays Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water on top. ‘It’s like bam!’ she says. The primer also doubles as a setting spray in her routine.

This primer can clearly double its function that hydrates, preps, and refreshes skin. It is said to hydrate your skin, add radiance, create a sheer canvas to apply makeup to and wake up your skin and makeup throughout the day, all with a quick spritz.

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Phone Imprint

Have you ever used your phone for a phone call perhaps after applying makeup and you notice smears of, your foundation is now on your phone screen? The snarky make-up artist, Wayne Goss advises placing a blending sponge covered inside a tissue and bouncing it onto your blended makeup to remove any excess oil from that foundation. This means it’s gonna stay longer and it’s not gonna oxidize because the oil has been mixed in with your skincare.

Eyelash Conditioner

best beauty tips for face, natural beauty secrets

We all know that false eyelashes can be kind of a pain. Whether you’ve bought multiple tubes of mascara or have already invested in pricey eyelash extensions, we’ve all tried to make our lashes Kardashian-level long at one point or another. So when we saw a recent video of the Dubai-based Entrepreneur Huda rolls the mascara brush on the cotton and then brushes the fibers onto lashes, we also wanna do the same. Next, she seals them in with a coat of mascara and repeats. This cotton trick is for fuller lashes. It turns out that the secret to lengthy lashes isn’t always found in your local drug store or salon, but in your very own bathroom. The process can surely be repeated on the same eye a few times until you reach the length and thickness you desire, just make sure the cotton has been pulled apart into loose pieces beforehand so that its fibers can stick to your lashes more easily.

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More Visible Eyeshadow Crease

best beauty tips for face, natural beauty secrets

Manny Guttierez, also known as a professional MUA, shares his secret to carving out the crease by using a small flat brush dipped in concealer for a more pigmented eyeshadow color.

Leaving the spot of his lids a stronger application that stays longer, he uses his favorite concealer as a base. This way, the shade in his lids is separated cleanly from the shades on his crease.

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