As yoga requires patience, time and good concentration, while it also burns calories, you would need a proper mat that would give you support, cushion and be non-slippery. In some cases, the lighter the mat, the better it is to carry it around. With so many mats in the market, how do you know which is best? This is when Beauty Insider comes in to give you all the information you need on the best yoga mats in Singapore, for you to choose the right one for yourself!

1. Lululemon Take Form Yoga Mat

This yoga mat is the latest edition to the Lululemon family. The innovative 3D texture helps you feel your way around the mat and stay centred in poses without looking down. Enjoy your Yoga with comfort and confidence with Lululemon Take Form Yoga Mat currently available in Black.

Price: $187.15

Where to buy: Lululemon Singapore

2. Chalk and Chakras Yoga Mats

Want to make a Yoga ally out of your young ones? These yoga mats are designed just for them! With cute designs and comfortable material, your kids will be sure to love joining you on some Yoga time. If you want to match with your kid, some of these designs come in adult sizes too!

Price: $69.00

Where to buy: Chalk & Chakras

3. OMgoing Venice COMBO Mat

Take a trip to Venice Beach with this Premium Eco-friendly Yoga Mat. You must be wondering why it’s called a COMBO Mat. This is because it is a combination of a Towel and a Yoga Mat! Yes, you read that right. This Venice COMBO Mat can be used as a Yoga MAt as well as a Towel. Reduce slipping, injuries and you no longer need to bring a mat AND towel to class anymore. All-in-one product. Luxurious and absorbent suede microfiber (made of recycled plastic bottles!) bonded to a natural tree rubber base gives you the sweaty grip of a towel and the cushion of a yoga mat.

Price: $118.00

Where to buy: OMgoing Website

4. Manduka PROlite Mat 71

The Manduka PROlite Mat 71 is one of the most well-known yoga mats in Singapore. They take pride in providing their customers with the exact amount of padding a yoga mat can provide without it being too thick or bulky.

Also, whether you want to use the mat for daily stretches, workouts, or yoga, this mat will keep your hands, feet and your knees well cushioned against the hard floor whilst providing you with sufficient back support to ease your workouts.

Yes, the price of this yoga mat is slightly on the higher side, but you’ll be happy to know that you’re paying for quality, as the materials uses are sustainable materials that are structured to have closed-cell surfaces that wicks away the dirt, sweat and moisture.

Price: $159.00

Where to buy:

5. Watsons Yoga Mat

Everyone is well aware of Watsons, but did you know they sell their own line of yoga mats too? 🤯 These yoga mats are perfect if you’re a beginner just starting out in yoga. They have the option of an economical PVC mat that is half the price from the TPE models or a much higher quality of TPE yoga mat. What’s more is that these yoga mats by Watsons are definitely affordable and a great value for your money.

Price: $10.95

Where to buy: Watsons Singapore

6. Camel Non-Slip Yoga Mat

The camel yoga mat offers you a good balance of extra cushioning and portability. With the thickness of 15mm, this yoga mat gives you additional support but it isn’t too bulky for you to carry around. Not only that, but this yoga mat is also easy to clean as all you have to do is run it with clean water and let it dry for a day or two. By the second day, your mat will be looking and smelling new!

Price: $22.50

Where to buy: Lazada Singapore

7. Jade Harmoney Yoga Mat

These Jade Harmony Yoga Mats are particularly designed with an extended length and width for men. It surely provides maximum support with its thick and sustainable natural rubber cushions. Not only that, with this maximum grip and stability, but this mat is also specifically great if you’re one who sweats excessively. What’s more, is that they’re one of the best eco-friendly yoga mats in the market!

Price: $128.00

Where to buy: Lazada Singapore

8. Gaiam 2-Colour Yoga Mat

The times our lifestyle clashes with our exercise plans, you’ll be thankful to have gotten this Gaiam 2-color yoga mat. As this yoga mat is durable, lightweight and reversible with a 4mm non-slip cushioning support, it makes it the perfect yoga mat you could have for all sorts of exercises. Be it yoga, normal workouts, pilates and etc. Additionally, the price of this mat is on the higher side, but it’s definitely worth your money!

Price: $113.82

Where to buy: Lazada Singapore

9. Nike Fundamental Yoga Mat

This yoga mat is considered to be one of the best ones in the market. Although it isn’t as pricy as Manduka Yoga Mat, it does the job. This is a perfect yoga mat for beginners to use and even advanced learnings. It is designed with a closed-cell form construction that gives you good traction that will not let you slip while working out. What’s more, is that it is hand-washable and also comes with a string that makes it easier in terms of portability.

Price: $79.90

Where to buy: Shopee Singapore

10. Sportsco Extra Thick Yoga Mat

As yoga takes lots of effort and focus, one way to perfect the poses are to have a comfortable and thick yoga mat that gives you utmost comfort. This Sportsco Extra Thick Yoga Mat is 20mm thick. It’s so thick that when you lie on it, you feel like you’re laying on a mattress. When you purchase this mat, it comes in a mesh bag that makes it easier to port around.

Price: $24.90

Where to buy:

11. PIDEG Beginners TPE Yoga Mat

Learning yoga can be quite challenging. Plus, if you’re a beginner, you wouldn’t really know where to place your limbs. In some cases, your yoga instructor goes too fast that you can’t keep up. Thankfully for this mat, it comes with markings on the mat that gives you guidance on how you should position and align your body. This mat is super helpful as it enhances your yoga experience.

Price: $18.40

Where to buy: Lazada Singapore

12. Lixada 72x24IN Non-slip Yoga Mat

This yoga mat by Lixada gives you just the adequate amount of thickness that you would need in a yoga mat to not feel the ground while working out. Also, this mat is eco-friendly and super durable for everyday use. Additionally, with 6 colours to choose from, this Lixada yoga met is one of the most budget-friendly yoga mats out there in the market.

Price: $19.80

Where to buy: Lazada Singapore

13. HomeBuddy High-Density TPE Yoga Mat

If you’re looking for a high-quality yoga mat that is of high-quality, this yoga mat by HomeBuddy is your way to do. It is a non-slip and no-skid mat that will keep you safe while you practice your extensive yoga poses. Not only that, even with daily use, but this yoga mat would also definitely last you a long time.

Additionally, because it is waterproof, you are free to wash the mat after each workout. Also, it comes with a strap that would make it easy for you to carry it around. This is an all-in-one affordable yoga mat that you definitely do not want to miss out on!

Price: $34.90

Where to buy: Shopee Singapore

14. Manduka Eko Superlite

You don’t have to choose between your planet and your workout anymore with the Manduka Eko Superlite Yoga Mat. It is made of premium, sustainably harvested tree rubber and is 100% free of any toxic chemicals. To add, the sticky surface prevents moisture from seeping through while you sweat, and a good wipe down after class keeps the mat looking fresh. Its low-tack surface makes yoga flow more easily, and the mat comes with a travel bag to easily bring it around!

Price: $95.00

Where to buy: Manduka

15. Vivre Active Yoga Mat

Corks, it’s not the first thing that comes to mind when you’re thinking of yoga mats. Despite that, cork is known to be a sustainable, lightweight and naturally antimicrobial material that when you think of it now, ticks off everything you need in a yoga mat.

The Vivre Active Yoga Mat is a must-have for yoga enthusiasts as it provides increased traction the more you perspire. This lightweight mat allows you to focus your mind on your poses instead of worrying about your feet slipping.

Price: $108.00

Where to buy: Vivre Activewear

16. Decathlon Light Yoga Mat

When you start out yoga it is inevitable to NOT slip and fall from a pose and yes, it hurt and might leave a bruise. Most of these mistakes happen may result from learning but having a slippery mat can also contribute to it. Thus, the Decathlon Light Yoga Mat is perfect for beginners!

Additionally, the mat is soft and has a velvet-textured surface that is comfortable yet offers a good grip to prevent slippage. The mat strap makes it easy to travel with your mat, so if you’re like us and take your yoga practice wherever you travel, you’re covered.

Price: $25.00

Where to buy: Decathlon

17. Alo Yoga Warrior Mat

Slipping is never great during yoga but when you use The Alo Yoga Warrior Mat, the only slipping that is happening is how easy it is to slip the mat into your gym bag after a hot sesh! Its dry-wick surface and lightweight material make it easy to bring it on the go when you travel. Moreover, it may be on the pricier side but if you find yourself enjoying yoga and want to invest in a mat that will last you for a long time this is the one for you.

Price: $133.00

Where to buy: ALO YOGA

18. Alchemist Ultra Grip Yoga

The Alchemist Ultra Grip Yoga is designed to be lightweight that will make carrying around your mat a breeze. This is because it has a non-slip surface and a sturdy, large size that makes it possible for you to carry along without feeling burdened.

Moreover, made using natural rubber, this yoga mat ensures that moisture does not build up on the surface of the mat making it super easy to clean with just a simple wipe down.

Price: $60.00

Where to buy: Shopee

19. Reebok Premium Yoga Mat

The Premium Yoga Mat by Reebok is thicker than your standard mat. The two-tone surface provides the perfect combination of contact and comfort. It is designed with closed-cell foam construction to give the much-needed sticky sensation from yoga mats without being overly tacky.

The downside is that it is only available in two colours but the quality of this mat makes it still worth it to purchase. This is the perfect mat for beginners or even seasoned yogis alike to deliver optimal performance with every pose.

Price: $60.70

Where to buy: Shopee

20. KeepFit Yoga Mat

We have to say it; thin yoga mats are not for everyone (read: me). Of course, balance and stability play a major role when conducting yoga poses and if you do it on a surface too “pillowy” it will throw you off. However, the KeepFit Yoga Mat is the best you can get if you want something that will make sure you stay in place while also comfortable to rest on. Additionally, it comes with a strap to carry around easily while you’re on the go which is always a major plus!

Price: $17.99

Where to buy: Shopee

What are you waiting for? Test out your new Yoga Mat now at the best classes in Singapore or at the comfort of your own home!