Covermark's Flawless Fit and Moisture Veil LX foundation

It Only Takes One Coat of This Foundation to Hide Blemishes and Acne Scars

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There is no denying the role of makeup in boosting a lady’s self-confidence. You use makeup, particularly the foundation to hide blemishes, scars, or birthmarks on your face. When you conceal all of these so-called imperfections under makeup, you feel better about yourself. You feel ready to take on everything that can happen in a day.


This is why we’re so excited to tell you about Covermark’s Flawless Fit and Moisture Veil LX foundation.  We tried them both and we discovered that it only takes one coat of these makeup products to conceal your blemishes! You can see it work in this video:



Trisha Young of our prestigious Trial Team used the Flawless Fit Foundation for the base of her night makeup in the video. Watch it and see how the foundation created a skin-like coverage. It did a pretty good job of covering her acne and gave her face a beautiful lustre. More importantly, the cream foundation glides well, giving a natural finish.

Cream foundations that hide blemishes and prevents it from coming back.

The Covermark Flawless Fit Foundation has SPF 35 PA+++, meaning it hinders the formation of acne scars and freckles. This foundation’s sunscreen powers prevent freckles from appearing and from existing spots on becoming darker. The formulation also helps lock moisture in your skin. In addition, it possesses six plant extracts and water-soluble collagen, which help maintain a youthful glow.

Even their powder foundation possess this power. Watch how Chloe from the Trial Team uses the Covermark Moisture Veil LX in her daily makeup look:

To sum it up, she likes the texture of the powder because it makes her skin smoother to touch. It’s almost perfect, visually! That’s because the Moisture Veil LX is a “Sandwich Complex Powder” which captures and controls your skin’s sebum production. The result? You have a bright and radiant looking face makeup the whole day!

The coverage of the powder foundation also magically hid the pigmentation of her acne scars. She said she was always on the lookout for foundations which can conceal her pimples on her chin (we all are)…😊👌 At the end of the day, she’s glad she found Covermark. She’ll definitely purchase it again!

It Only Takes One Coat of This Foundation to Hide Blemishes and Acne Scars

Covermark Moisture Veil LX Foundation comes in nine fair to natural skin tone shades. Ladies who need foundations with pink and yellow undertones should check them out. 🙂

What other products work well with these Wonder Foundations?


Connecting Base

This is a makeup primer that doubles as a sunscreen. It helps blur your visible fine lines and reduce discoloration, giving you a natural, radiant glow. Put a pea-sized amount of primer onto the back of your hand. Dab onto your face and blend it using gentle outward circular motions. You can also use this as an eyelid primer. Spread a thin layer on your neck. Let it dry before applying foundation.

For more information about the product, click here.


On the other hand, the Moisture Clear Base is a tinted and creamy makeup primer with skin-brightening components. The formula controls sebum, similar to the foundation products mentioned above. It is a buildable primer with light to medium coverage. Squeeze a dollop of Moisture Clear Base onto the back of the hand, dab onto your cheeks, forehead, nose, and chin. Spread evenly. Allow it to dry before wearing your foundation. This should give you a youthful and radiant skin.

For more information about the product, click here.


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