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Everything You Wanted To Know About Tantric Massage But Were Too Shy to Ask

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Google just told us a secret: thousands of people search for “tantric massages in Singapore” every day. People are curious about this special and sensual massage, and there’s nothing wrong with that!  But because they’re too shy to ask, there’s a lot of misconception about what it is and what it’s for. So here’s Beauty insider’s no-shame, no-holds-barred FAQ on tantric massage.

What is tantric massage?

First of all, tantric massage is not about getting a quickie. It’s about using sensual energy to achieve physical, emotional and spiritual awareness.

Tantric massages in Singapore are based on the same principles you see in yoga. We all have chakras or energy centers in our body that correspond to emotional or spiritual needs. For example, the solar plexus chakra governs not just digestion but willpower and growth. So when you do The Child’s Pose or a plank you’re not just stretching your abdominals, but breaking down energy blocks in that area. That’s why yoga enthusiasts will have meditations and affirmations for each set of exercises. You’re using your body to heal your emotions or direct your thoughts.

Tantric massage works the same way, but it releases your chakras’ sexual energy and spreads it through your whole body. Trained therapists will know where to concentrate their touch – usually around the spine and near the genitals – but rest assured that they’re not just “groping” you. To quote Marvin Gaye, it’s really about sexual healing.

tantric massages in SIngapore

What are the benefits of a tantric massage?

According to Tantric practitioners, these massages can help address sexual blocks and fear of intimacy. Maybe you’ve been experiencing low libido, or are insecure about your body and people touching you or seeing you naked. You may also have experienced trauma, and need a safe way to receive touch without having to give anything in return.

One therapist said that one of her clients had gone through a rough divorce and just felt “emotionally broken” from years of verbal abuse and cheating. Another client was just burnt out and had no energy to date, and felt bored and uncreative in his job. “Sexual energy is related to body image, confidence, creative energy and passion for life. So many people feel they’re just going through the motions or have so many emotional walls. Traditional massage can’t heal that kind of ache, but tantric massage can.”

What happens during a tantric massage?

In a way,tantric massages in Singapore are like other massages: you’ll be asked to remove your clothes, and your therapist will massage your body with warm oil.

Some tantra massage centers in Singapore will combine Tantric massage with traditional massage so you’ll feel more relaxed by the time they go to the more intimate areas. But as far as what they do and how far they go, it depends on what you’re comfortable with.

Always ask your therapist what to expect in the session so you can set expectations and limits from the beginning. Unlike other spa treatments, Tantric massages can feel very personal – because, after all, those are your private parts! But you’re always in control, and Tantric professionals will be very careful to respect your boundaries and build trust.

Will I have an orgasm?

You can… and many people do. It’s a natural response to sensual touch. One of the things tantric massage does teach you that it’s okay to receive pleasure and express joy for it. Pleasure and sex are not bad words or shameful needs. There is nothing wrong with having an orgasm or wanting to have one.

That being said, orgasms are not the goal of tantric massage, and you shouldn’t walk into a Singapore tantra massage center thinking, “Whooohoo, let’s get it on.” It is still a professional massage treatment that uses a certain kind of touch to give you physical, emotional and spiritual benefits.  

So that’s tantric massage in a nutshell. And whether you decide to tantric massages in Singapore or think, “It’s not for me!” that’s all okay. The bottom line is that sensual touch can be emotionally and spiritually liberating. That’s something everyone can learn from the Tantra practice.