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Eye & Lip Wrinkles? Here’s the Perfect Wrinkle-free Serum to the Rescue!

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Noticing those pesky eye wrinkles even though you are getting more than enough sleep? Relax! It is a natural sign of ageing. Unfortunately, one of the first areas where ageing can be seen is around the eye area. The second is the lip area! Wrinkle preventing serums are a quick solve for this problem and should become an essential part of any late twenty something’s skincare routine. Beauty Insider gives you the low down on eye wrinkles and the best eye creams to solve this!

But I Have No Other Wrinkles


The fact about ageing is that it occurs in the thinnest part of skin first. The eye area is the most sensitive area of your skin and skin tends to be thinner there than on the rest of the face. Correspondingly the lip area also tends to be more susceptible to wrinkles and other signs of ageing. These areas are also where most intensive creams or serums are not applied to. Notice most skincare creams say avoid eye or lip areas. This is because, it is Dermatogically proven that these areas require more attention and different kinds of serums and creams.

I Want Something Natural

Sadly, most natural or diy based skincare routines cannot help with wrinkles or thinning skin around the eye area. The most proven ingredients for eye wrinkles and lip wrinkles is retinol or an equivalent. Acid based skincare products also work best for persistent eye wrinkles and can target those that are deeper.

An Eye Serum that Works (on lips region too)! !

This serum contains hyaluronic, which as mentioned earlier is the perfect tool for ageing skin. The acid not just protects skin from wrinkles it also rejuvenates wrinkled skin to appear plumper and tighter with time. The Élévatione Time Stops Eye essence is the perfect wrinkle-free serum that is concentrated yet ideal for moisturising tired and dehydrated skin. This serum works best on the eye and lip areas and helps ageing skin and can combat ageing as early as in your late 20s.

The serum contains a unique blend of herbal infusions perfect for giving you a restful night’s sleep. Not just that, this serum also contains Vitamin C, ideal to act as an antioxidant for urban environments such as Singapore. Use this wrinkle-free serum with eye creams for best results around the eye area and on its own for the lips then watch fine wrinkles lessen with continued usage. This serum can be applied twice daily and can be used comfortably under makeup.

Hydrate, Hydrate and Hydrate!


The most important way to combat ageing is to keep skin as hydrated as possible. The way to do this is not just to excessively drinking water throughout the day. Dehydration can also occur due to excessive moisture loss. Moisture can be lost if skin gets dried out by pollutant or the sun exposure. Using an effective sunscreen as well as a powerful moisturiser can lock in moisture and prevent dehydration throughout the day. A good night time moisturiser is also essential in preserving youth and repairing skin while you sleep.