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8 Halloween Nail Art Trends in 2019 for Wicked Nails

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The end of October is approaching and that means spooky season is upon us! The perfect time to the flash out your creepiest and most extravagant costumes for the season! However, even if you may not be a fan of the horror fest, at least you can get in on the spooky fun with these chic nails!  Beauty Insider has curated the cutest and creepiest Halloween nail art trends in 2019 to keep your nails looking wicked!

The Nightmare Before Christmas Nails


The Nightmare Before Christmas may have been released decades ago, but this cult favourite never goes out of style during Halloween! Go Disney bound with your nails by adding a motif of Jack Skellington and complement your nails with monochrome tones. Also, do not forget to add Jack Skellington’s classic black and white stripes. 

If you are looking to spice things up, opt for a bright glitter purple base instead!


Blood Drip Nails


Your nails are guaranteed to look dripping with these blood drip nails! Splash on some blood drips onto your matte nails to channel this season’s spooky spirit! Blood drip nails are not only subtle but they go perfect with any nail colour! In order to accentuate the hyper-realism in those blood drips, add a smidge of black paint to a dark red hue and top it off with a high gloss shine.

Watercolour Blood Swirl Nails

Take your blood-inspired nails to the next level! With watercolour swirls being all the rage in 2019, there is no other perfect way to pay homage to this trend than to try out watercolour blood swirls. Complement your glass nails with this gorgeous swirl that is bleeding with elegance! Perfect if you are going for a bold look that looks like it came straight out of American Horror Story.

IT Nails

Let’s face it, clowns are absolutely terrifying. Which is why IT nails are perfect for this horrific season. Go above and beyond with your Pennywise-inspired costume by matching it with this creative set of nails. With these set of nails, you cannot forget to add the iconic red balloon and of course, a motif of the murderous clown.


Halloween-themed Pastel Nails

If matte blacks or gothic red hues are not up in your alley, put an adorable twist to the spookiness with Halloween-themed pastel nails! For this look, add an obligatory sheet ghost motif or a classic pumpkin. If you are looking to complete this enchanting set of nails, add some pastel-hued blood drips or bedazzle your fingers with some rhinestones. The options are limitless!


Spider-inspired Nails

These nails are not for the faint-hearted. Creepy crawlies are a staple when it comes to Halloween so it is only fit to add them to your nails. Complete the look with some spiderweb motifs for major gothic vibes! For adventurous girls, add some 3D sculpted spiders on your nails to amp up your scare game.

Bored of the usual grey tones? Switch it up for some metallic gold nails! Add a bejewelled spider to top off this 24K gold look.


Gothic Witch Nails


Your Halloween is not complete without adding some witches. This timeless look is perfect for its versatility! In order to take your witch game a level up, go old and try out Ouija Board nails to connect with the Halloween spirit. However, if you are looking for a sleek look that is fit for everyday wear, just add some simple stars and moon motifs to your nails.

Graveyard Nails

Graveyard nails are to die for. These gradient nails are the perfect in-between of cute and gothic. Plus, the colour options are endless when it comes to graveyard nails. Whether your nails are sunset themed or complete with an eerie green, these nails have still got us deceased.


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