Orbis Review

Orbis Review: 10 Products That Live Up To The Hype

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No time for a 9-step Korean skincare routine? You’ll love Orbis! It’s a minimalist Japanese skincare brand that’s been getting a lot of buzz for working miracles on dry, sensitive and acne-prone skin. But which of their skincare and body products really work? Check out our Orbis review to know which ones are worth your dollar.

Orbis U Review

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This hydrating skincare range has won 36 beauty awards and is one of Japan’s bestselling beauty products! Its claim to fame is deep-cell hydration. It doesn’t just sit on the skin and plump up the surface; it actually penetrates into the deeper layers that have been hit by UV damage. Its patented formula — the Key Porin Booster — is made of plant extracts that help more moisture flow into your skin cells.

Orbis U Wash

Buy it now: $30, Orbis

This super-foamy facial wash gives a rich, dense lather. Its star ingredient, Moroccan Lava Clay, draws out impurities.from your pores. Meanwhile, its hydrating complex prepares your skin for the rest of your skincare. It’s like a cleanser and toner in one!

Just look at all that foamy goodness:

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Our official BI review of Orbis U Wash: try this cleanser if your skin gets irritated by facial scrubs, or if you have dry or ageing skin. However, this won’t get rid of makeup or sunblock, so you should still double-cleanse.

Orbis U Moisture

Buy it now: $49, Orbis

One of the best moisturizers for Asian tropical climates! It has a unique souffle jelly texture that is very light and absorbs in seconds. No sticky or heavy feeling at all! See it for yourself:

We know — there are a lot of hydrating creams to choose from. Our review of Orbis U Moisture: it’s a really good day cream, since you need more hydration in the morning. At night, we recommend using a cream that has more antioxidants or anti-ageing benefits.

Orbis U Lotion

Buy it now: $45, Orbis

The Orbis U Lotion has a rich but watery texture that melts into your skin. Pour a few drops into your hands, rub palms together, and then pat into your skin. You can do this once or twice, or follow the Korean seven-skin method where you pat in several layers for mega-hydration.

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One of Beauty Insider beauty editors’ review of Orbis U hydrating lotion: “It reminds us a lot of Missha Moist Treatment Time Revolution Essence ($98) and SK II Facial Treatment Beauty Essence ($108) — but as you can see, it’s much cheaper!”

Orbis Clear Series Review

Orbis is really famous for its acne-control range. It invested 24 years of research to find the root cause of acne — especially the pesky pimples that appear during that time of the month! They found out that changes in our hormonal cycle don’t just trigger oil production, but also lower the peptides in our skin.

They developed the Clear Series: a three-step routine with anti-microbial peptides that fight acne-causing bacteria and boost your skin’s natural defenses. Active ingredients include gromwell root extract to strengthen your skin; licorice root to keep breakouts under control, and coix seed extract to smoothen out your skin.

Orbis Clear Wash

Buy it now: $21, Orbis

This acne facial wash deep-cleans your pores without drying out your skin. Pick from two formulas: M (for dry to combination skin) or L (for normal to oily skin). It has no oils or fragrances to irritate your skin. Makeup Alley reviews also gushed over the super foamy formula! It can remove light makeup, but you’ll need another cleanser for eye makeup and long-wear foundations.

Orbis Clear Lotion

Buy it now: $28, Orbis

Many acne toners contain alcohol or other harsh ingredients that dry out your skin. But dry skin = weaker skin! Orbis Clear Lotion hydrates your skin! The special AC Care Net System acts like a moisture shield that softens skin and protects it from irritants. It’s the perfect acne toner for sensitive skin!

“I was quite impressed by the quality of [The Orbis Clear products as I have sensitive skin and always have breakouts. Went back to get the full set after 3 weeks of trying out!” says Wai Mon Theint in her Orbis Facebook review.

Orbis Clear Moisture

Buy it now: $28, Orbis

After lotion, add an extra layer of hydration with this oil-free, non-greasy moisturizer. It absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave a sticky film, so you can apply it under makeup.

These before-and-after pics give clear proof of how the Clear Series can help treat acne:

You can buy the Orbis Clear Series Trial pack for $20, and later on, save money by buying refills!

Orbis The Cleansing One

Remove waterproof eyeliners and mascaras, waterproof lipstick and longwear foundation in one easy swipe!

This amazing waterproof makeup remover has a patented Sensor Catch Technology that dissolves dirt and makeup without damaging the natural lipids in your skin. It even restores moisture and strengthens your skin with amino acids and other hydrating ingredients.

Orbis The Cleansing One is oil-free and non-comedogenic, so it’s one of the best waterproof makeup removers for oily and acne-prone skin!

Orbis UV Cut Sunscreen

Buy it now: $18 for 28 ml, Orbis

Looking for an every day sunscreen you can wear under makeup? This sunscreen protects you from UV rays and pollution, and feels really weightless on your skin. It even conceals dullness and has a powder-finish that blurs pores! “My favorite sunscreen /make up base ever!”says MeiZ in her Amazon review.

The sunscreen also suits yellow undertones, so you won’t get the dreaded white cast. After a few seconds on your skin, it blends into your skintone and looks very natural.

Orbis Clear Body Conditioning Wash

Buy it now: $17, Orbis

Get rid of body acne with this gentle but effective body wash. It contains scutelleria root extract, which fights bacteria that cause breakouts and body odour. The formula also purges sebum and sweat, without drying out your skin.

We love the rich foam that feels like silk on our skin. And to combat Singapore heat, it has a burst of menthol that cools and refreshes.

Orbis Defencera Supplements Review

Buy it now: $54, Orbis

This is the first skincare supplement that got certification from the Japanese government for preventing moisture from escaping from the skin.

Ceramides are naturally found in the skin. They form that protective net that prevent moisture from evaporating. They also act as the first layer of defense against pollution and environmental aggressors.

Ceramides are a popular ingredient in topical skincare, but Orbis Defencera works in another way. Instead of adding ceramides into your skin, it actually helps your body produce more.

Orbis Defencera supplements contain plant extracts that act like switches. These trigger your body to produce more ceramides. Your skin becomes stronger, softer, more hydrated, and less prone to damage.

The powder supplements come in individual sachets. Take one every day, either as is or mixed into water. They have a pleasant Yuzu flavour.

Where to find Orbis in Singapore

  • Takashimaya S.C. (outside Takashimaya Department Store), 391 Orchard Rd
  • Robinsons Raffles City, 252 Northbridge Rd, Level 1 Beauty Hall (limited selection of products and membership privileges)
  • Metro Causeway Point (M Beauty), 1 Woodlands Square, #01-18/19
  • Sasa Stores (limited selection of products and membership privileges)